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  • Four Pack, Six Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies and manufactures the custom 4 pack beer bottle carriers and 6 pack beer bottom carriers. With us, you can have a beer bottle carrier with the custom size and color printing.

    six pack beer bottle carrier with the finger holes

    This is our whole new brand six pack beer bottle carrier with the finger holes. Besides the new handle structure, we also replace the traditional varnishing finish with the glossy laminating. These two features make the beer bottle carrier stronger and more durable.

    Six Pack Beer Bottle Carrier

    For the brewers and beer lovers, nothing is more intriguing than a creatively design beer bottle carrier. Among the cardboard beer carriers, six pack beer bottle carrier is the most common packaging. However, a creative beer carrier design needs intelligence, knowledge, and particularly the love and passion for beer. One of our packaging designer in the design department love beer so much. He creates his own beer carrier, quite interesting. Also due to his creative design, our beer bottle carrier are very sold very well to the Australia Brewery Companies.

    6 pack beer bottle carrier, beer carrier design
    6 pack beer carrier box, carrier box design

    Cardboard Material for the Beer Bottle Carrier Box

    Brewers are often complaining about the beer carrier strength they bought. It breaks here and there on the edge, making people very embarassing when carrying it in the street, bar, store... The structure design is important. But another important thing is the cardboard material used. In our factory, we use the F flute corrugated board produced on our own corrugated board production line. It is only 0.08-1mm in thickness, consisting of 3 layers. The total grammage is around 500gsm. Besides the strength, the medium flue makes the beer carrier has very good cushioning property. If the glossy laminating is applied on the printing surface of the carrier, the beer carrier can never be broken easily on the edge.

    F flute corrugated board to make the beer carrier box
    6 pack beer carrier box with good durability, strength

    Printing for Six Pack Beer Carrier

    With our Manroland 900 series offset printing press, we can produce very high quality graphic printed carrier. And when the order quantity is large, the unit costs can be particularly reduced. Beside the nomal CMYK process color, pantone colors are also available to increase the printing quality.

    Beer Bottle Carrier Dieline Creating

    All of our beer bottle carriers are custom designed based on the actual size provided by our customer. If you want to have a creative beer carrier, but don't have a dieline template, you can have our design department to create the beer carrier dieline for you. Usually we will charge you 150USD for the dieline making and plain sample box making. And this payment will be returned to you once the order is confirmed. We just want to know you are a serious beer carrier buyer through the payment.

    six pack beer carrier free dieline template creating

    Four Pack Beer Bottle Carrier and Carton

    Besides the six pack beer carrier box, we also design and manufacture the 2 pack, 4 pack, 8 pack beer bottle carrier, beer can carrier and beer packaging cartons. All we need is the detailed dimension of the beer bottle, the maximum bottle diameter and the height.

    4 pack beer bottle carrier

    This is a template for the 4 pack beer bottle carriers. The bottle size is 5.9*19cm. The carrier box is designed to be full color printed with the glossy laminating. It has the finger holes on the top fo the easy carrying.

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