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ISTA 1A Test for the Corrugated Shipping Cartons

ISTA 1A test is widely used to assured the carton box quality during the transportation. In DePrintedBox, we have a series of test to make sure of the box quality. However, the clients can also apply a ISTA 1A test for the printed box to be 100% sure the package is perfect for their needs. The test will be implemented by the certified institutes and be charged a certain fee to the clients.Below is a short introduction to the ISTA test.

1. What does ISTA refer to?

International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) is an organization focused on the specific concerns of transport packaging and is dedicated to develop and deliver standards packaging systems.

2. What is ISTA 1A test for the corrugated package?

ISTA 1A test is designed to make sure that the corrugated package can withstand the transport hazard. With the test properly applied, the ISTA procedure can provide the tangible benifit of

• Shortened carton development time and confidence in product launch
• Protection of products and profits with reduced damage and product loss
• Economically balanced distribution costs
• Customer satisfaction and continued business.

3. There are three sections: Overview, Testing and Report

Overview provides the general knowledge required before going into the testing laboratory and
Testing presents the specific instructions to do the testing in the laboratory and
Report indicates what data shall be recorded to submit a test report to ISTA.

4. Two systems of weights and measures are presented in ISTA test procedures.

They are the English system (Inch-Pound) and the international system SI (Metric). Inch-Pound units are shown first with Metric units in brackets, except in some tables where they are shown separately.

• Either system may be used as the unit of measure (standard units), but
• The standard units chosen shall be used consistently throughout the procedure.
• Units are converted to two significant figures and
• Not exact equivalents.

For more information, please refer to the official doc from ISTA

Color Space for Human Eyes, CMYK and RGB

When the artwork is done, it needs be converted to the CMYK mode if it works in the RGB mode. Actually, the RGB color has the bigger color space than the CMYK. A perfect RGB mode artwork might lead to the very dull printing effect, because the CMYK has limited color space. Some colors in the RGB range can not be reproduced by the CMYK printing.

Below is the diagram to show the color space for human eyes, CMYK and RGB.


Preview Seperations in Illustrator

CMYK Color Mode is what we use in the printing.

First, we need make sure that the artwork we open in the Adobe Illustrator is working under the CMYK mode. Click File — Document Color Mode — CMYK Color Mode

Second, click Window — Seperations Preview to open the Seperation Preview window.Then check the Overprint Preview checkbox. Here we will know the color number to be printed.

Third, click on the eyeball icon in front of each channel name in the Separations Preview panel to turn off visibility for all separations, then turn on visibility one CMYK channel or spot color at a time. If the artwork has no change when you click on a chanel, it means that color exists. Not otherwise.