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The difference of the A series paper in China

The dimensions of the A series paper sizes are defined by the ISO 216 standard. And it is widely adopted by the countries in Europe and North America. However, things are quite different in China. For example, the international standard A4 paper size is 210*297mm, while it is 210*285mm in China.

Due to the low costs of printing and packaging in China, many European and North American Countries import printing and packaging products from China. Therefore, for the graphic designers, a good understanding of the paper size used in China can efficiently reduce the paper cutting waste and cost. Below are the details.

A paper size




开数(正) 尺寸 单位(mm)
2开  540×780
3开  360×780
4开  390×543
6开  360×390
8开  270×390
16开  195×270
32开  195×135
64开  135×95

开数(大) 尺寸 单位(mm)
2开 590×880
3开 395×880
4开 440×590
6开 395×440
8开 295×440
16开 220×295
32开 220×145
64开 110×145

A4  210mm×297mm

B5 182mm×257mm

16K 193mm×270mm

A3  297mm×420mm

B4  257mm×364mm

8K  270mm×386mm

2开 870×570
3开 390×870 420×580
4开 420×580 290×870
8开 420×285 210×570
16开 210×285
32开 210×140 105×285
48开折页 95×210
48开 92×210
2开 760×520
3开 350×760 360×680
4开 370×520 260×760
8开 185×520 370×260
16开 185×260
32开 185×130 92×260

48开折页 86×185
48开 83×185

How to Make the Dieline of the Auto Bottom Box and the Snap Lock Bottom Box

Tuck top auto bottom box and tuck top snap bottom box are the most common box structure used in the paper printed packaging. However, it might seem quite complicated to create the dieline for such boxes. Below we illustrate how to create the auto bottom box and snap bottom box.

1. Auto bottom box 

Auto bottom allows for the boxes to be shipped flat and to be quickly assembled on the production line.  As for the price, the auto bottom box is a little more expensive than snap lock bottom box.

Auto bottom are widely used in the custom food packaging, custom retail packaging, custom biotech packaging, custom coffee packaging, custom tea packaging, and custom sporting goods packaging.

auto bottom box dieline

auto bottom

2. Snap lock bottom box

Snap lock bottom are also refered to as 1-2-3 bottom which has four flaps that are folded and locked to form the bottom in 3 steps.It has a stronger bottom compared the auto bottom. It costs less , but takes longer to be assembled.

The bottom structure is simple, aesthetic and costs less with strength and rigidity. Common uses are custom food packaging, custom retail packaging, custom biotech packaging, custom coffee packaging, custom tea packaging, and custom sporting goods packaging.

snap lock bottom dieline

snap bottom‘


Creative Food Take-out Packaging Made of Kraft board

portable kraft food packaging

A creative food packaging design is developed for Natural Delivery, a delivery service of take-out healthy food. The unique structure of the folding box makes  the delivery comfortable and safe.

kraft paper packaging for food delivery

The paper material used are the ideal food standard kraft paperboard, very enviroment friendly. The box is totally recyblable, printed with water soluble ink.

prepared food packaging

The packaging box is produced flat in the packaging factory and shipped to the store. In the food store, the box is assembled and the take-out food is packed .

take out food paper packaging design