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E Flute Corrugated Printed Box for Helmet Packaging

In this article, we will talk about a E flute corrugated box we made for the Circuit Of The Americas, which is a very famous brand.

The most intriguing thing about the box is the PMS color printing, the black color and the blue color, which makes the printing look very crisp. We do the litho printing on our Heidelberg Speed-master press, which has the brilliant image effect. Also the glossy laminating is applied to protect the printing inks and adds a glossy effect.

As for the box structure,  it is the typical TTSLB box style, which refers to the tuck top snap locked bottom. The advantage of the box is that it can be assembled within a minute for the helmet packaging. While for the shipping, it is flat shipped.


While for the paperboard used, we used the 300gsm CCNB paperboard laminated on the E flute corrugated board. This gives the box enough rigidity and strength to protect the helmet inside during the transportation.


Matte Black Slide Rigid Box

This article is about a slide rigid box we made for Turner Motorsport in USA.

Turner Motorsport

/ // Parts & Performance for BMWs

slide rigid box with foam insert

Matte black slide rigid box

The slide rigid box consists of 2 parts, the outer cover and the inner tray.  The outer cover can have opening on one sides or both sides. On the top of the cover parts is the sharp logo image with the glossy spot UV varnishing.

matte black slide rigid box with spot uv

The outer cover has the sharp logo image which has the spot glossy UV finish

The black specialty paper is used for the outer wraps and inner liners of the box. The paper has the natural matte black color. Inside is the 1.5mm greyboard to provide enough strength and durability to the box.

Inside the inner tray is a 10mm thick EVA foam with the cutout glued on the bottom.

slide rigid box with the foam insert

An EVA foam cutout is glued on to the bottom of the slide tray.

Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies all kinds of custom rigid boxes. You are welcome to contact us to talk about your packaging project.



Corrugated Box Printed Inside and Out

This article is about the high-end corrugated box printed inside and out. Corrugated box can be luxury and high-end when it is printed inside and out by using the B flute, E flute or F flute corrugated board.

There are 2 printing solution to the double sided printed corrugated box. One is the litho printing, which is also referred to as offset printing. The other solution is the flexo printing.

The 2 solution has quite the different production process.

For the paper material, the litho printing is usually applied on the E flute corrugated box, which usually has 4 layers, CCNB paperboard laminated on both sides.  It is strong but heavy due to the high grammage.  While for the felxo printed cartons, the 3 layer B flute paperboard is used with white kraft liner on both sides.

For the printing quality, the litho printing has the more vivid and crisp color. While the flexo printing usually has the simplicity of beauty. Litho Printing Solution

Litho Printing Solution

The mailer box below is a corrugated box printed inside and outside by using the litho printing.

corrugated box printed inside and out

The set-up and assembled view of the box

corrugated printed box printed inside and out

Inside view of the box

The box is made for the Vendera in USA for the mail purpose. The style is the roll end tuck top with dust flaps, a typical box style for the corrugated mailer boxes. But the box is well designed to have the custom die-cutting to have the integral insert.

Great Strength Paperboard

The board for the corrugated box printed inside and out consists of 4 layers, 300gsm art paper (SBS C1S paperboard) on the exterior and interior of the box, the middle 140gsm E flute paper and the 170gsm kraft liner. The combination gives the paperboard the excellent rigidity and durability, which is better than the ordinary 3-ply corrugated board. This will be very useful for the shipping of the products inside.

double sided printing E flute corrugated box

Exterior printing for the box

F flute corrugated printed box

Interior printing of the box

The E flute corrugated board is only 1.8mm in thickness and F flute is only 1mm in thickness. The thickness of such paperboard is perfect for the high quality litho printing.

The art paper used is also referred to the SBS C1S paperboard, 18pt in thickness.

Matte Laminating

The box in the picture has the matte laminating on the surface to protect the inks from scratch and dirt.

Since DE Printed Box is a custom paper box manufacturer, you can also choose the glossy laminating,  UV glossy for the box design. If you need make the packaging design look more high-end and luxury, you can add the spot UV and foil stamping on the printed logo of the box.

corrugated die-cut box printing inside and out

This is a electronics packaging box for the mobile phone.

Check more litho printed boxes printed inside and outside.

Flexo Printing

The carton box in the picture below is a B flute corrugated box printed inside and outside by using the flexo printing solution. On the ouside, the stars are printed black color and the side panel has the pink color. On the inside of the mailer box, it is only pink color printed.

Flexo printed inside and ouside of the corrugated box

Flexo printed inside and ouside of the corrugated box

Compared with the E flute carton printed inside and out, the B flute carton has the advantage of light weight and low grammage. It is quite useful when you need reduce the mailing cost.

B flute corrugated box printed inside and outside

B flute corrugated box printed inside and outside

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a custom corrugated printed box supplier. If you have a corrugated printed box do make, just email at for a price quote.

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