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The effect of products packaging on Consumers’ buying decision

There is no doubt that Consumers usually make their decision to buy goods according to their quick judgment,which is based on products packaging.

1. First impression matters a lot

Many people stop to have a look at some goods when they go shopping mainly because of their first sight at the goods. Subsequent judgment is likely to be affected by their first impression too.

1.1 Packaging strengthen the hidden power of the subconscious

Peoples’ buying decision will be finally affected more or less by packaging subconsciously, the same as your clothes effect on people’s judgment on you,consciously or unconsciously.

1.2 For Consumers’ Convenience

Consumers are easier to find the specific product or the brand they like quickly through effective product packaging, thus enhancing their buying speed.

1.3 Icons’ influence

Some brands’ icons are deeply taped into people’s mind permanently. In such case, Packaging that includes brand icons will be recognized by consumers instantly. Sometimes even the icons can remind people some of personal experience connected with the products. The sight of icons on packaging may well evoke their memories and feelings. We call this emotion effect—establish the long term relationship between consumers and the products.

1.4 Aesthetics effect

Research shows that about a third of products buying decision making is based on packaging, along with consumers personal favor.

Good packaging design is sure to draw consumers’ attention on the goods, leading to their desire of purchasing goods. At least , their eyes may be fastened on the attractive packaging longer.

People’s aesthetic sensibility will be the comprehensive result of the following four aspects:

Typography–good Typography can strengthen readability of goods packaging, which benefits consumers a lot. They are willing to spend more time on reading the packaging.

Color–Firstly, color can be regarded as a good way to unify your brand on a global scale. Secondly, different colors bear different impression on people. For instance,White signifies innocence, simplicity. Black signifies power, control, heaviness. Green signifies growth and harmony.

Ripple Effect–packaging is proved to be especially important when consumers show strong attention to it. For such consumers, their interest in one product maybe mainly depends on the packaging. It is reported that about 52% of online consumers are likely to buy the same products again if the packaging is premium.

2. Share your packaging

Many young people like to show the product through social media they ordered online with good packaging, especially when the packaging is beautiful or interesting. This market potential power can also be made full used of by business.

A consumer may snap a photo of the packaging and share it on Facebook, then help company attract new consumers.

3. Ways of making impressive packaging

3.1 Optimize product packaging

Try to make your packaging pretty, creative, attractive. In a word, it should impress consumers as much as possible.

So how to take advantage of the power of packaging should be taken into consideration in order to introduce your products or market your brand to potential buyers.

3.2 Be green

As we advocate Sustainable development in modern society, Sustainable packaging becomes popular today. So recyclable packaging materials shall be the favor of consumers and our environment.

3.3 Be innovative

Design different packaging for different items, and try to think of innovative ones instead of imitating others’ packaging.

3.4 Provide premium experience

premium experience can be provided to consumers if product packaging is premium since those ones are expected for expensive products. Moreover, premium packaging will sure to add value to products.

3.5 Show brand feature

A brand feature, the products function,or the products’ consumer objects shall be well reflected in packaging design, including icons, texts and colors.

3.6 sample packaging

The package are mainly considered to protect products inside and beautify the product. Therefore,necessary content and text shall be better to be included

3.7 Show your brand

.If consumers see your package and can easily think of your brand, that must be quality and effective package.If not, your brand is sure have to be put on the Packaging.

3.8 offer consumers an experience

Food product package shall make people mouths water. Toy product package shall stimulate kids’ playing desire.

3.9 Take advantage of other resources

By virtue of Software and internet tools, you can easily envision the packaging design that suits your products best. With the help of some programs, creating your packaging and product images will become easily and quickly too.

Take your products, consumers, and packaging design into consideration,product packaging will become a powerful tool for you to exploit and expand the market.

How product packaging affects your buying decision?

Consumers often make snap judgements when making purchases. How a product is packaged may be the deciding factor of whether they make the purchase or not.

1. First impressions matter

According to business insider, first impressions generally take about seconds, making subsequent judgement based on quick information.

1.1 Packaging influence is subconscious

Your brand is represented by your product packaging, the same as your office, employees, website and yourself. Your packaging represents your brand’s promise to delivery a quality experience.

1.2 Convenience

Effective product packaging helps the consumer quickly find the brand and specific product or other variant they want, making their decision easier and faster.

1.3 Icons

Packaging that includes brand icons taps into the minds and hearts of the consumers.

Icons are instantly recognizable, sometimes even on a global scale, reminding consumers of the quality and personal experience associated with the products.

Emotions are often also connected to brand icons as memories and feelings can be broght up on sight, leading to long-term relationships between the brand and the consumer.

1.4 Aesthetics

Effective packaging design can draw consumer attention, resulting in more time looking at attractive packaging when making purchase decisions.

Research suggest that at least a third of product decison making is based on packaging, along with personal preferrence.

1..4.1 Typography

Fonts have personalities that may be elegant, cool, austere, delicate, straight forward, or any number of other possibilities.

Readability will help consumers spend time looking at your products packaging, whereas difficult to read fonts, due to size, style or color, will turn consumers away from reading your packaging.

1.4.2 Color

Color is a simple way to unify your brand across all communications with consumers.

  • Bright color promote a less serious tone.
  • White denotes innocence, simplicity and cleanliness.
  • Black denotes power, control, heaviness and expensiveness.
  • Red is exciting.
  • Yellow is happy.
  • Green denotes growth and harmony, and is often associated with eco-friendly products.

1.4.3 Ripple Effect

Packaging is another chance for brands to be marketed long after a consumer chooses to purchase a product.

About 52% of online consumers say they would likely return to a business for another purchase if they receive products in premium packaging.

About 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase.

Business has reported a 30% increase in consumer interest when those businesses show a strong attention to packaging.

2. Share your packaging with the world

A study suggests that yong adult(18-25) are more likely to share a photo of product packaging through social media when the product has been ordered online.

Almost 40% of overall consumers would share photos of packaging on social media if the packaging is interesting or gift like, so business should harness this marketing potential.

Many social medias find ads annoying, but they tend to appreciate brand recommendations from friends.

A friend snapping a phot of attractive packaging and sharing it on facebook has great potential for being quickly shared by others therefore attracting new consumers.

3. The road to impressive packaging

3.1 Great product packaging,

from the pretty to the creative, makes consumers want to share their experience with others, so knowing how to harness the power of packaging is a great way to market yourself to current and potential consumers.

3.2 Be green

Sustainable packaging is popular among today’s consumers, so recycled and/or recyclable materials are a bonus for businesses and the enviroment.

3.3 Be crafty and creative

Reinvent old materials like paper lunch bags and twine to impove handmade or home goods.

3.4 Provide a special quality experience.

Premium product packaging, like tissue paper and elegant, durable materials, are expected for expensive products and jewlry, so investing in premium packaging will add value and consumers will want to share their premium experience.

3.5 Your brand’s personality should shine in any icons, texts, colors, etc.

High-end products might have serious classy packaging. Playful products might have fun icons, colors and typography.

3.6 Keep your packaging simple.

The package should be easily mobile, include only necessary text and protect the product inside.

3.7 Your packaging should help consumers know who your brand is and should not leave them guessing.

When a consumer sees your package, your brand should be able to be named.

The design should be simple and easy to read.

3.8 Your packaging should offer consumers an experience

A playful product should have packaging that make consumers want to play. A tasty product should make consumer mouths water.

3.9 Put your resources to work

Software like illustrator has a 3D revolve tool that will help you envision the best packaging design to protect and market your products, as well as a simbol tool that lets you resue your logo design within the program more easily as your create your packaging and product images.

With careful consideration of your products, consumers, and packaging design, you can use product packaging as a powerful tool

The difference of the A series paper in China

The dimensions of the A series paper sizes are defined by the ISO 216 standard. And it is widely adopted by the countries in Europe and North America. However, things are quite different in China. For example, the international standard A4 paper size is 210*297mm, while it is 210*285mm in China.

Due to the low costs of printing and packaging in China, many European and North American Countries import printing and packaging products from China. Therefore, for the graphic designers, a good understanding of the paper size used in China can efficiently reduce the paper cutting waste and cost. Below are the details.

A paper size




开数(正) 尺寸 单位(mm)
2开  540×780
3开  360×780
4开  390×543
6开  360×390
8开  270×390
16开  195×270
32开  195×135
64开  135×95

开数(大) 尺寸 单位(mm)
2开 590×880
3开 395×880
4开 440×590
6开 395×440
8开 295×440
16开 220×295
32开 220×145
64开 110×145

A4  210mm×297mm

B5 182mm×257mm

16K 193mm×270mm

A3  297mm×420mm

B4  257mm×364mm

8K  270mm×386mm

2开 870×570
3开 390×870 420×580
4开 420×580 290×870
8开 420×285 210×570
16开 210×285
32开 210×140 105×285
48开折页 95×210
48开 92×210
2开 760×520
3开 350×760 360×680
4开 370×520 260×760
8开 185×520 370×260
16开 185×260
32开 185×130 92×260

48开折页 86×185
48开 83×185