Why is Bleed so Important?

Before we discuss the importance and necessity of bleed, let’s first expain what bleed is.

1. What is bleed in printing?

Below is a paiting to be printed. The blue line refers to the cut line. Everything outside the blue line will be trimmed. The bleed line is 3mm away from the cut line on the outside. While the green line is the safe line. Every essential elements of the painting needs be inside the safety zone, in case they are trimmed during the die-cutting.


2. Why is bleed necessary during the pre-printing design?

The inaccurate die-cutting is the root cause of the bleed zone setup. The die-cutting is accurate generally, but not 100% in theory. Without the setup of the bleed zone, a thin white area on the edge may appear on the finished piece.

Now we understand the essence of the bleed. Therefore, when we create an artwork ready for printing, the background image must be extended 3mm(0.125″)away beyond the cutline.If a brochure has the final size 210*297mm, then the artwork should at least has the size 216*303mm.

3. Safety Zone

The safe line is usually 6mm(0.25″) away from the cutline. It is inside the cutline. When the texts go over the safe line, they are risk being cut off during the trimming process.