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  • Clamshell Rigid Paper Box

    Shanghai DE Printed Box produces and supplies the clamshell rigid paper boxes and cardboard gift boxes, which is one of our most featured rigid paper box product.

    The clamshell rigid paper box is a hinged lid set up box which opens and closes like a clamshell. It is mostly used as a presentation box for gift books, manuals and booklets. Shanghai DE Printed Box is committed to supply you the most beautiful cardboard gift boxes with the custom size, printing, finish, chipboard, insert and wraps.

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    In the DE facility, we have the specialized equipment for the die-cut of the chipboard and the printing of the wraps liner. Also we have the most skilled workers for the surface liner wrapping and gluing. The clamshell rigid box we made are eye-popping, very suitable for the product presentation and branding.

    Paper Material Options

    The clamshell rigid paper box is usually made of the grey board and surface liner. The grey board is also referred to as chipboard. While the options for the surface liner is unlimited. You can choose the ordinary printed coated paper, you can also choose the luxury metallic paper. Besides, specialty paper, suede, linen are all available to make the set up box look up-scale.

    Printing and Finish

    The printing and finish options for the clamshell setup box are the same as other hinged lid rigid boxes.

    Presentation Paper Box

    The presentation paper box below is a typical clamshell rigid box. It has the drop back.

    clamshell rigid paper box, cardboard gift boxes

    On the lid is the embossed logo. The whole box has one two colors, blue and orange, very cleverly designed.

    clamshell paper rigid set up box, presentation paper box, cardboard gift boxes

    If you would like to place an order with us about the clamshell rigid box, please send us your current sample box and artwork. Then we will make you a set up box of exactly the same quality to check.

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