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  • Corrugated Board for Corrugated Box

    Corrugated Board is made of the front surface linerboard, back surface linerboard and the corrugated medium(fluting). The corrugated board are excellent and ideal for the shipping boxes when strength and durability are needed and for printed folding boxes when exquisite printind is needed


    The linerboard are either made of virgin pulp, called kraftliner, or of recycled pulp, called testliner. For the outer surface of the brown corrugated shipping box, the kraft liner are usually used to provide the good strenth and color tone. When an exquisite outer printing surface is needed, the outer surface brown kraft liner is replaced by the white lined chipboard. The white lined chipboard has the white coating, which is smooth for the fine printing.The grammage of the linerboards comes with 120gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm, 200gsm, 230gsm.

    Corrugated Medium Fluting

    Fluting is generally produced using waste based fluting medium, semi-chemical fluting medium is used for enhanced properties. There are a number of common flute profiles or sizes.Flutes come in five basic heights and shapes - the most common are "B-Flute"(used for die-cut boxes) and "C-Flute (used for RSCs). B-flute is compressed and appears thinner, but don't be fooled. It is made with more paper to provide stronger side wall protection from blows and punctures. C-flute is taller, with more air space, but offers enhanced stacking strength. For excellent graphic reproduction, consider E-flute. And the grammage of the fluting paper comes with 95gsm, 105gsm, 120gsm, 140gsm, 170gsm

    • A FLUTE - 5mm - A - Good stacking and protection
    • B FLUTE - 3mm - B - Good puncture resistance + Most Common Grade
    • C FLUTE - 4mm - C - Good stacking and protection + Very Common Grade
    • E FLUTE - 1.5mm - E - Lightweight fine flute
    • F FLUTE - 1mm - F - Extra thin
    • BC FLUTE - Flute Double Wall 6mm - BC - Combination of B + C flutes
    corrugated board

    Various corrugated board available in our factory

    E flute corrugated printed box

    E flute corrugated printed box

    Corrugated Box Strength

    The strength of a corrugated box starts with its material. The flute, when anchored to the linerboards with a starched-based adhesive, resists bending and pressure from all directions. When placed vertically on its ends, the flutes form vertical columns, capable of supporting considerable amounts of weight.The amount of virgin pulp fibers and the length of those fibers in a corrugated sheet substantially contribute to box strength. For example, the difference between a 200# test box and a 275# test box is that the latter has more pulp fibers in its corrugated linerboard. The 200# test box is rated to hold up to 65 lbs. of box and contents while the 275# box can hold up to 95 lbs. A 350# test box is rated to hold up to 120 lbs. of box and contents. The following chart shows Bursting Test and Edge Crush Test performance standards of corrugated box liners based on the combined weight of a box and its contents.

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