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  • Corrugated Mailer Box|Carton

    Corrugated mailer boxes, cartons are used for the postage purpose because of the good strengh characteristic during the delivery and transportation process. The speical box structure makes it quite resistant to the rough handling. The mailer box is usually a typical E flute corrugated box. But when the mailer has a large size, it can be made of the 3mm thickness B flute corrugated box.

    Besides the common corrugated mailer boxes printed only on one side, our client can also have a custom corrugated box printed inside and outside, which is printed on double side of the box.

    Corrugated Mailer Box Styles

    There are 2 box styles that are commonly used for the mailing box, also refered to the mailer, postage box, mailing box, postage box, carton. One of the box style is the roll end tuck top box, the other one is the roll end locked front box, which has the better box closure. They are all made of piece of corrugated board, self-locked. Due to the double corrugated board wall on the left side panel, right side panel, and the bottom panel, the corrugated printed box is extremely strong, making it very suitable and ideal for the shipping and transportation. Therefore, we also call them mailing box, mailer, post box, postage box.

    corrugated printed mailer box, roll end locked front box style
    corrugated printed mailing box, roll end tuck top box style

    Corrugated Board for the Mailer

    B flute, E flute corrugated board is mostly used for the corrugated mailer box. It is 1.8mm in thickness for the E flute board and 2.8mm in thickness for the B flute corrugated board. Such a corrugated mailer are very suitable for the retail products, electronics products packaging and shipping. There can also be a white inner surface inside the printed box to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

    Corrugated Mailer Printing

    The corrugated mailer usually has either the flexogrphic printing or the offset printing. The flexographic printing as show on the picture left is used for mailer box when you focus on a strong mailer and have no special requirement for the printing. While the offset printing is usually applied when a high quality printed picture on the box surface is needed. The costs varies a lot for flexo and offset printing.

    corrugated printed mailer box, E flute flexo printed box
    corrugated printed mailing box, E flute offset printed box

    Finish for the Corrugated Mailer

    Laminating and UV Varnishing are the mostly used finish for the corrugated printed box. They both comes in glossy and matte. The laminated printed box has the better strength, durability and is water resistant due to the thin transparant film outside. The laminating costs a little more than the UV varnished mailer box.

    Free Mailer Dieline Template

    If you want to have a custom mailer box for your product and need a dieline template for your designer to put the print design on the artwork, just email at with the specific details of the box width, height and length. Then our design department will create the free accurate dieline for you.

    free dieline template creating for the corrugated mailer box

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