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  • Flexographic Printing

    Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies the flexographic printed packaging products, like kraft boxes, bags, trays and corrugated printed cartons, shipping cartons, mailers.

    For the flexography, the printing ink is transferred directly from the printing plate to the corrugatedboard, unlike the offset printing. The flexographic printing offers an excellent choice for the corrugated package printing. It is widely used for the shipping cartons and mailing boxes in almost all industry.

    It offers can excelent platform to the businesses to promote their brand and improve the brand recognition. Sometimes, the high quality flexo printing can even rival the litho printing. And the natural brown background surface of the corrugated carton makes it very seem very enviroment friendly. And the fact is that they are completely renewable.

    A leading flexo printed shippint carton manufacturer in Shanghai, China

    Flexo Printed Cartons

    Shanghai DE Printed Box takes pride in its capabilities to manufacture the flexo printed cartons, boxes and displays from one to eight-color printing. With its 5 huge production lines for the single face, single wall, double wall and triple wall corrugated fiberboard, the company can produce a wide variety of flexo printed corrugated products and carton boxes as below.

    • Single Face Corrugated Board
    • F, E, B, C, A Flute Single Wall Corrugated Box
    • AB, BE, BC Flute Double Wall Corrugated Carton
    • Heavy Duty Triple Wall Corrugated Carton
    • Corrugated Shipping Boxes
    • Corrugated Mailing Boxes

    Flexo Printed Die-cut Box

    Custom Die-cut Mailer with the Flexo Printing

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