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  • Food Packaging Solutions

    Shanghai DE Printed Box offers the paper printed packaging solutions to the global various food companies, such as the various bakery food, marine products, meat, chocolate, snacks and the restaurant take-away food.

    Our products include the various clear window bakery food boxes, display boxes, cake boxes, pizza boxes, take-out food boxes, food carriers, snack boxes, chocolate packaging boxes, rigid chocolate boxes.

    Chocolate Packaging Box

    In our Shanghai facility, we produce the up-scale hand made chocolate boxes. With us, you can have rigid chocolate box with the custom style, printing, finish, insert and the wraps. The common styles include the lift off lid chocolate box, slide chocolate box and flip top rigid set up box.

    Detachable Lid Chocolate Box

    detachable lid chocolate box

    Shoulder style rigid box for the chocolate packaging. Gold foil stamped logo.

    Chocolate Packaging Design

    chocolate paper packaging box design

    The chocolate packaging box consists of a slide cover, a lift off lid rigid box.

    Metallic Chocolate Paper Box

    handmade chocolate box made of the pet-metallic paper board.

    Made of the gold matellic paperboard. 100% handmade chocolate box.

    Lift Off Lid Chocolate Box

    lift off lid rigid chocolate box, gift box

    Lift off lid rigid box for the chocolate packaging. CMYK + PMS matte printing color.

    Baker Food Packaging Box

    With one of its facilities in Zhejiang, China, Shanghai DE Printed Box has the capacity to produce the food contact paper boxes for chocolates, biscuits, snacks and various bakery food products. And all the package conform to the international food safety and contact standard and are manufactured in the dust-free room. The featured products include the food carrying boxes, chocolate boxes and the clear window paper food boxes.

    Food Take Out Paper Box

    food direct contact paper box

    Take away, take out food paper box, carrier style with the paper handle.

    Lift Off Lid Paper Box

    food take out paper box with the clear window

    Lif off lid paper box. The lid is detachable. Clear plastic window on the top lid.

    Clear Window Food Box

    paper cake box with the clear window

    Bakery food paper box with the PET clear plastic window.

    Cake Carrying Box

    food direct contact paper box

    Carrier style paper box for the cak carrying.

    Chinese Food Take Out Box

    corrugated food carrier carton, Chinese food take out box

    Gable style paper box for the take-away Chinese food. Paper handle for the easy carrying.

    Kraft Fluted Paper Box

    kraft fluted paper box

    Kraft corrugated box made of the single layer fluting paper. The paper material is food direct contact.

    Litho Printed Color Piazza Box

    pizza box

    The pizza food box has the full CMYK + PMS litho offset color printing.

    Lift Off Lid Rigid Cake Food Box

    cardboard gift box for the cake packaging

    Cardboard gift box for the cake packagin. The detachable lid can be lift off easily.

    Food Packaging Box Design

    paper cake box

    A very beautiful color food box for the cake packaging.

    Baker Food Box With Clear Window

    bakery food paper box, food direct contact paper box

    Food direct contact paper box for the bakery food packing and presentation.

    Cupcake Carrying Box

    cupcake carrying box with the paper handle

    Cupcake carrying box with the paper handle.

    Cake Carrying Box With Tray

    paper food carrier with the clear window and blister tray

    Cake food carrying box with the clear PET window and the cream white thermoformed plastic tray.

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