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    Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies the custom litho laminated carton boxes. B, C, E, F, BC, BE flute corrugated printed carton boxes are available with the custom size, box style and color printing.

    The thick, spongy characteristics of the corrugated board make it suitable for the flexographic printing. However, even the high-graphic flexographic printed box can hardly rival the litho laminated box. The litho laminated packaging is a combination of the corrugated board structural strength and the high-graphic print of the lithography. In the production, the coated paperboard(CCNB) replacing the kraftliner is offset printed, then glued to medium fluted liner of the corrugated board(also called single-face corrugated) before the die-cutting. The litho laminating process is well explained on the BOBST site.

    litho lamination, litho printed box
    litho laminating

    This lamination approach therefore offers all the quality advantages of lithographic printing, including tight registrations and finely detailed screens and half-tones. When a high-graphic, photo-realistic and multi-color print is crutial to promote your brand, this is probably the way to go.

    Advantages of Litho Laminated Box

    The litho laminated box is a hybrid packaging featuring the structural strength of the flexo printed carton combined with the high-graphics print of offset printed folding boxes. It is the most popular packaging boxes today.

    • 1. Structural strength: with all the good points of the natural corrugated box, ideal for shipping and packaging of heavy, delicate products.
    • 2. High-graphics print: eye-poping and impressive, make the packaing play a key role in the brand marketing of the seller's products.
    • 3. Highly customizable about the size, print, finish, diecut, styles, thickness and material.

    B, E Flute Litho Laminated Box

    The B flute, E flute single face corrugates which has more flutes per linear foot are the most commonly used material for the litho laminated box. They are widely applied for the color printed box of kitchen appliance, like kettles, rice cookers, tea pot and etc.

    For the surface linerboard, the CCNB, refered to Clay Coated News Back paper board is mostly used. The grammage is 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm. The higher the grammage, the better visual effect for the final packaging box, because the higher grammage paperboard is thicker enough to avoid the visible flutes outside.

    E flute litho printed box
    high graphics litho laminated box

    Finish for the Litho Laminated Box

    Like the paperboard folding box, the litho lamianted box can have the glossy or matte finish, either laminating or varnishing. UV varnishing are also used to increase the surface gloss and protect the print. For the cosmetics, electronics products, which demands a luxury visual effect, the foil, embossing, debossing, spot UV are applied.

    spot uv corrugated printed box, litho printing, offset printed carton

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