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  • Slip Case & Sliding Rigid Paper Box

    Also referred to as slip case, the sliding paper box is another popular rigid box style. The box consists of an outer cover(can be sleeves) and an inner tray. Often there are some inserts inside to protect and secure the product. There is usually a ribbon pull attached on the tray. Then the consumers can easily slide the tray out.

    It is used for the packaging of up-scale books, CD, softwars, electronic and cosmetic products. Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies and manufactures the custom made sliding rigid box in various size, paper, printing and finish.

    slide rigid paper box, slide box, slipcase

    Presentation Paper Box

    The slide rigid box can be used as a presentation box for the luxury up-scale products.

    slide rigid paper box, presentation paper box

    Tray and Sleeve Paper Box

    Tray and sleeve box is a special kind of slip box. It has the structure of the match box. It can be a folding paper box made of the SBS C1S 24pt paperboard.

    tray and sleeve paper box

    Slip Case, Custom Made Slide Box

    Below is a custom made slide box for the presentation use. It has the paper inserts to hold the products.

    tray and sleeve paper box

    Shanghai DE Printed Box is a custom slide paper box manufacturer. We make the slip boxes based on your artwork specification and sample box.

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