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  • White Lined Chipboard and Grey Board

    The grey board is a kind of paperboard that is completely made of the recycled paper pulp. The name comes from its natural grey color. The grey board varies from 0.1-2.5mm in thickness. They are widely used to make the luxury rigid set up box.

    It is called white lined chipboard when the greyboard is coated with the white clay. Therefore, it is also called clay coated white back paperboard, referred to as CCNB. In China, some people call it duplex board with the grey back. They are actually the same thing. They white lined chipboard are usually no more than 0.6mm. The grammage varies from 250gsm to 450gsm.

    The white lined chipboard is widely used to make the paper folding boxes and litho-laminated carton boxes. It is litho offset printed and then glued to the single faced corrugated board on the production line to create a corrugated box with fine printing.

    Meantime, the greyboard can also be doulbe side coated to have the white lined chipboard with the white back.

    paper box with the hanger tab, UV printed paper box

    Retail paper box with the hanger tab made of the clay coated white back paperboard

    UV printed paper box

    Glossy UV printed paper box made of the white lined chipboard, paper box with the hanger tab.

    bag style paper box, auto locked bottom

    Bag style paper box with the auto locked bottom, cat food paper box.

    bag style paper printed box

    This is a bag style paper box used for the cat food packaging with the double side sticker on the top for the seal.

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