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E Flute Corrugated Printed Box With Clear Corner Window

This is a E flute corrugated printed box with the clear corner window. We made the box for Kaspersky Motorsport for the helmet packaging.  The box has the clear corner window on the top and front panel. Through the clear window, the helmet inside can be seen. Therefore, it is also a great corrugated display box, or bespoke box.

E flute corrugated printed box with clear window

The box is used as a display box.

The printing for the box is quite complicated because it has the full CMYK color printing as well as 4 PMS colors. The PMS inks printing makes the image look very crisp. Also we apply the glossy laminating to protect the inks inside.

glossy printed E flute corrugated box

The box can be folded to be flat for the shipment.

The box is a typical tuck top snap locked bottom paper box, which can be flat shipped and be assembled within a minute to pack the helmet inside. The PET plastic window comes cross the top and front panels of the box.

tuck top snap locked bottom paper box

Snap locked bottom for the helmet packaging box

As for the paper material, we use the 300gsm high-end CCNB paperboard and the E flute corrugated paperboard. This gives the corrugated box enough strength and durability to protect the helmet inside.

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Hinged Lid Rigid Box With Thermal-formed Tray Insert

The soft touch rigid box below is a health care products packaging box we made for NeuroMetrix in United States. The box is a typical hinged lid rigid box, which has the black thermal-formed tray inserts.

hinged lid rigid box with thermalformed tray insert

Black thermal-formed tray inside the rigid paper box to hold and secure the products.

The whole box is flood printed with the PMS color. On the top lid is the spot UV varnished logo iamge, which has 2 colors, white and blue. The blue color on the logo image is a PMS color too. What make the rigid box special is the soft touch laminating applied on the surface printing inks.  Besides the soft touch laminating, there are 2 other solutions to achieve the soft touch effect, the soft touch paper and soft touch varnishing.

spot uv for the logo image of the rigid box

The logo is printed with 2 pantone colors, pantone white and blue.

Soft touch laminating on the outside

Soft touch laminating on the outside

Inside the rigid box is 2 separate thermal formed tray inserts to hold the products. The thermalformed tray is made of the 0.6mm thickness PP plastic paper material. The color is black.

hinged lid rigid box with thermal-formed tray insert

Black color PP thermal-formed tray insert inside the hinged lid rigid box


E Flute Corrugated Printed Box for Helmet Packaging

In this article, we will talk about a E flute corrugated box we made for the Circuit Of The Americas, which is a very famous brand.

glossy printed E flute corrugated box

CMYK + 2 PMS litho printing for the box.

The most intriguing thing about the box is the PMS color printing, the black color and the blue color, which makes the printing look very crisp. We do the litho printing on our Heidelberg Speed-master press, which has the brilliant image effect. Also the glossy laminating is applied to protect the printing inks and adds a glossy effect.

tuck top snap locked bottom corrugated box

Snap locked bottom

As for the box structure,  it is the typical TTSLB box style, which refers to the tuck top snap locked bottom. The advantage of the box is that it can be assembled within a minute for the helmet packaging. While for the shipping, it is flat shipped.

glossy printed E flute corrugated box

Made for Circuit Of The Americas

While for the paperboard used, we used the 300gsm CCNB paperboard laminated on the E flute corrugated board. This gives the box enough rigidity and strength to protect the helmet inside during the transportation.

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