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Rigid Paper Box for Watch Packaging

In this article, we will talk about how to make a great watch packaging box for the luxury and high-end purpose—a soft touch matte white rigid paper box.

In the picture below is a lift off lid rigid paper box we made for Mr Jones Design.  The box is packed into a clear cellophane bag to protect the box from dirt and scratch. The box has two parts, the paper box and the EVA foam insert.

The print design is quite simple, but very beautiful. Only the simple text logo MJW is printed on the soft touch matte white top lid. On the back is a  full color printed image with the cutout hole for the watch back.  The printing is very high definition, looking very crisp. The buyer can check the brand name of the watch through the back cutout hole.

rigid paper box for watch packaging

On the top is the back side of the box, on the bottom is the front side of the box for the top lid.

There are 2 styles for the watch box, one for the ladies watch, the other one for the unisex watch. The wonderful thing about the box is that MJW has over 6 watch styles. But all of them share the same paper box. The only difference is the EVA foam insert inside the box. The ladies watch box has a slim cutout, while the unisex box has a wider cutout inside the EVA foam.

lift off lid rigid box for watch

The watch box has the matte white color as the background color. The paper used is a very high end luxury paper, which has the brilliant clean white color.

Ladies Watch Box

In the picture below is the rigid paper box for the ladies watch, which has a slim EVA foam cutout inside. The EVA foam is a multi-layer insert of the thick white foam on the top and the thin black foam EVA on the bottom. On the top of the white EVA foam is actually a matte white paperboard covered.

rigid paper box for ladies watch

Inside view of the ladies watch box with the slim EVA foam cutout insert

Unisex Watch Box

This is the inside view of the unisex watch box which has the broader EVA foam cutout. MJW has over 4 styles unisex watches. All of them share the same cutout.

rigid box with foam insert for watch

Inside view of the rigid box for the unisex watches, gentlemen watches

Below are more details of the watch box:

  1. The watch box is made of the 2mm thickness greyboard, which gives the box enough strength and durability for the mail purpose.
  2. The wraps is made of the imported art paper, which is exclusively used for the luxury high end products.
  3. The box has the matte soft touch laminating, which makes the box have the final gorgeous look and feel.

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a custom paper printed box supplier and manufacturer. If you have a watch and need a great packaging box, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also we can create the EVA foam cutout dieline based on your watch.



E Flute Corrugated Printed Box With Handle


E flue corrugated printed box

This is a E flue corrugated box for the dog food, cat food packaging. It has the full color litho offset printing with the glossy laminating outside. On the tuck top, there is a handle. For the bottom, it is a snap locked bottom.

The handle makes the carton box very easy to carry, very eye-appealing in the store.

Snap Locked Bottom

Snap Locked Bottom

The E flute corrugated box combines the beauty of the SBS paperboard box and the rigidity of the corrugated board. Here we line the 2-ply E flute corrugated board with the 300gsm duple board with grey back (also called white lined chipboard).


Window on the front panel

The cutout window on the front panel can also be covered and glued with the clear PET or PVC sleeves for the presentation and display purpose.

Shanghai DE Printed Box can supply you the custom dieline template based on your actual box size, then you can add your artwork design on the template.



对于印刷包装中的卡纸盒,瓦楞纸盒,激光刀模所使用的板材大多数都是用18MM的木板 和23.8*0.71的国产刀。国产刀模,目前市场的平均价格为25元/米。台湾刀的质量比较高,平均价格在35元/米,多用于礼盒中的灰板模切。一般来说,激光刀模的起价在70元左右。

For the cardboard gift boxes, paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes, and laser cutter molds used in printing and packaging, most of the plates used are 18mm wood boards and 23.8*0.71 domestic knives. The average price of domestic knife molds is currently 25 yuan per meter. The quality of Taiwanese knives is relatively high, the average price is 35 yuan/meter, and they are mostly used for die-cutting of gray boards in gift boxes. Generally speaking, the starting price of a laser knife mold is around 70 yuan.



  • 统一转换为DWG格式文件:对于PDF,或者AI格式的刀版文件,可以在AI中导出为DWG格式的文件。
  • 制作“统计线段长度.lsp”文件

(princ “\n程序:统计线段长度 命令:zz”)
(defun C:zz (/ CURVE TLEN SS N SUMLEN)
(vl-load-com) (setq SUMLEN 0)
(setq SS (ssget ‘((0 .
(setq N 0)
(repeat (sslength SS)
(setq CURVE (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname SS N)))
(setq TLEN (vlax-curve-getdistatparam CURVE (vlax-curve-
getendparam CURVE)))
(setq N (1+ N))
(princ (strcat “\n共选择 ” (itoa (sslength SS)) ” 条线段.
线段总长: ” (rtos SUMLEN 2 3) ” .”)) (princ)


  • 加载lsp应用文件


  • ZZ命令输出刀线长度之和


At Shanghai DE Printed Box, we supply the free dieline template to our client. If you need one for your custom paper box, please go to our contact page to get one.