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对于印刷包装中的卡纸盒,瓦楞纸盒,激光刀模所使用的板材大多数都是用18MM的木板 和23.8*0.71的国产刀。国产刀模,目前市场的平均价格为25元/米。台湾刀的质量比较高,平均价格在35元/米,多用于礼盒中的灰板模切。一般来说,激光刀模的起价在70元左右。



  • 统一转换为DWG格式文件:对于PDF,或者AI格式的刀版文件,可以在AI中导出为DWG格式的文件。
  • 制作“统计线段长度.lsp”文件

(princ “\n程序:统计线段长度 命令:zz”)
(defun C:zz (/ CURVE TLEN SS N SUMLEN)
(vl-load-com) (setq SUMLEN 0)
(setq SS (ssget ‘((0 .
(setq N 0)
(repeat (sslength SS)
(setq CURVE (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname SS N)))
(setq TLEN (vlax-curve-getdistatparam CURVE (vlax-curve-
getendparam CURVE)))
(setq N (1+ N))
(princ (strcat “\n共选择 ” (itoa (sslength SS)) ” 条线段.
线段总长: ” (rtos SUMLEN 2 3) ” .”)) (princ)



  • 加载lsp应用文件



  • ZZ命令输出刀线长度之和



Soft Touch Finish and Laminating

The soft touch finish is widely used for the high-end cosmetic paper boxes and rigid boxes. Also because of it great scuff-resistance property, it is widely used for the matte black or red boxes.

1. How to describe the soft touch?

It is not an easy thing to describe the fantastic feel of the soft touch finish. Just imagine how you are feeling when you are trying to touch the short-napped velvet, smooth suede, or soft chamois leather, then you will come to understand its great tactile property. There are usually 3 ways to add the soft touch finish to the printed packaging box. They are soft touch laminating, soft touch coating and soft touch paper. In Shanghai DE Printed Box, we adopt the laminating method, because it has the gorgeous soft touch effect while being cost effective.

2. What is soft touch laminating?

For the soft touch laminating, it combines the softness of a rose petal with the strength of the matte laminating. While the process is much the same as the ordinary glossy laminating and matte laminating. What makes it special is the film used — BOPP.

soft touch laminating

BOPP refers to Bioriented Polypropylene film (BOPP), which is a soft touch textured film wita unique tactile finish and an extra matte look. This is a 1.4 mil matte thermal laminating film. The matte side has an excellent velvet effect as well as a high dyne level to improve the printing quality. This is the first film with tactile properties in history and presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect very similar to the peach skin. It is an exceptional finish for paper boxes in search of a touch distinction. This film is printable, glueable and stampable. It has been widely used in the custom luxury packaging boxes as well as for high-end book covers, packing prototypes, corporate brochures, product branding as well as a variety of other custom graphic solutions.

3. Good points of the soft touch finish

The advantages of the soft touch laminating are listed as below:

  • Add a strong velvet effect and luxury feel to the cosmetic boxes and rigid boxes;
  • Add a nice and special matte effect;
  • Great anti-scuff, anti-scratch property to protect the matte black boxes. The soft touch laminating provides a very good solution to the scratch problem of the matte black boxes due to its great anti-scratch effect.

Why the unit FOB price is very high when the order quantity is small

Clients who import paper boxes from China for the first time might be surprised by the high FOB unit price quote. They may feel cheated and get angry or frustrated. There are two main reasons for the high FOB price quote when the order quantity is small. They are the fixed custom fees and factory fees.

Fixed Custom Fees:

When you import the paper boxes from China, you will have a shipping forwarder to take care of the sea or air shipment for you. Then the shipping forwarder will charge us some custom related fees as below. The shipping forwarder is usually designated by you.

  1. Shanghai port custom clearance fees: around 25USD.
  2. CFS(container freight station) fees: 10-15USD/CBM. Usually the total volume of the paper boxes you order will be less than 3 cubic meters. In this situation, the shipping forward will charge us the fees based on the volume of 3 CBM. It means that the CFS fees will be 30-45USD.
  3. Documentation fees: around 35USD. This is for the Bill of Lading document. With it, you can pick up the goods at your place.
  4. Handling fees: around 35USD.
  5. ENS: 25USD if you are from the European countries.
  6. ACI/AMS: 25USD if you are from USA or Canada
  7. Warehouse fees: around 50USD. When our truck drive sends the goods to the warehouse designated by your shipping forwarder. He will be charged around 50USD for the warehouse fees.
  8. B/L of lading telex release: 25USD.

Then the fees above will be around 225USD.

When you order only 100pcs, it means that we need add 2.25USD to the unit price. 1000pcs, 0.225USD; 10,000pcs, 0.02USD.

Fixed Factory Fees:

For a custom printed paper box, the cutting die fees, CTP fees, machine setup fees are all fixed no matter your order quantity is 100pcs or 100,000pcs. Such fees will cost us around 100-300USD based on your box specifications. The important factor includes the box size(big or small), color printing(single color, or CMYK full color, or with PMS colors, or with Metallic PMS colors), die-cut complexity(a simple diecut or complex diecut), finish(spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, laminating, varnishing).

As you can see, at least around 400USD will be introduced no matter your order quantity is small or big. And this is why the unit FOB price is extremly high when your order quantity is just too small, 100pcs, 500pcs.

And this also explains why the unit price will be very low when the order quanity reaches above 5000pcs.

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a China medium-sized custom paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. The company exclusively specializes in the supply and export of the custom paper boxes, including the paper printed boxcorrugated printed boxcosmetic paper boxrigid paper box, cardboard gift box and custom paper bag. If you have any questions about the custom paper box, or would like us to give you a price quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us an email.