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Soft Touch Finish and Laminating

The soft touch finish is widely used for the high-end cosmetic paper boxes and rigid paper boxes. Also because of it great scuff-resistance property, it is widely used for the matte black or red boxes.

1. How to describe the soft touch?

It is not an easy thing to describe the fantastic feel of the soft touch finish. Just imagine how you are feeling when you are trying to touch the short-napped velvet, smooth suede, or soft chamois leather, then you will come to understand its great tactile property. There are usually 3 ways to add the soft touch finish to the printed packaging box. They are soft touch laminating, soft touch coating and soft touch paper. In Shanghai DE Printed Box, we adopt the laminating method, because it has the gorgeous soft touch effect while being cost effective.

2. What is soft touch laminating?

For the soft touch laminating, it combines the softness of a rose petal with the strength of the matte laminating. While the process is much the same as the ordinary glossy laminating and matte laminating. What makes it special is the film used — BOPP.

soft touch laminating

BOPP refers to Bioriented Polypropylene film (BOPP), which is a soft touch textured film wita unique tactile finish and an extra matte look. This is a 1.4 mil matte thermal laminating film. The matte side has an excellent velvet effect as well as a high dyne level to improve the printing quality. This is the first film with tactile properties in history and presents a pleasant and intense velvety effect very similar to the peach skin. It is an exceptional finish for paper printed boxes in search of a touch distinction. This film is printable, glueable and stampable. It has been widely used in the custom luxury packaging boxes as well as for high-end book covers, packing prototypes, corporate brochures, product branding as well as a variety of other custom graphic solutions.

3. Good points of the soft touch finish

The advantages of the soft touch laminating are listed as below:

  • Add a strong velvet effect and luxury feel to the cosmetic boxes and rigid boxes;
  • Add a nice and special matte effect;
  • Great anti-scuff, anti-scratch property to protect the matte black boxes. The soft touch laminating provides a very good solution to the scratch problem of the matte black boxes due to its great anti-scratch effect.

Why the unit FOB price is very high when the order quantity is small

Clients who import paper boxes from China for the first time might be surprised by the high FOB unit price quote. They may feel cheated and get angry or frustrated. There are two main reasons for the high FOB price quote when the order quantity is small. They are the fixed custom fees and factory fees.

Fixed Custom Fees:

When you import the paper boxes from China, you will have a shipping forwarder to take care of the sea or air shipment for you. Then the shipping forwarder will charge us some custom related fees as below. The shipping forwarder is usually designated by you.

  1. Shanghai port custom clearance fees: around 25USD.
  2. CFS(container freight station) fees: 10-15USD/CBM. Usually the total volume of the paper boxes you order will be less than 3 cubic meters. In this situation, the shipping forward will charge us the fees based on the volume of 3 CBM. It means that the CFS fees will be 30-45USD.
  3. Documentation fees: around 35USD. This is for the Bill of Lading document. With it, you can pick up the goods at your place.
  4. Handling fees: around 35USD.
  5. ENS: 25USD if you are from the European countries.
  6. ACI/AMS: 25USD if you are from USA or Canada
  7. Warehouse fees: around 50USD. When our truck drive sends the goods to the warehouse designated by your shipping forwarder. He will be charged around 50USD for the warehouse fees.
  8. B/L of lading telex release: 25USD.

Then the fees above will be around 225USD.

When you order only 100pcs, it means that we need add 2.25USD to the unit price. 1000pcs, 0.225USD; 10,000pcs, 0.02USD.

Fixed Factory Fees:

For a custom printed paper box, the cutting die fees, CTP fees, machine setup fees are all fixed no matter your order quantity is 100pcs or 100,000pcs. Such fees will cost us around 100-300USD based on your box specifications. The important factor includes the box size(big or small), color printing(single color, or CMYK full color, or with PMS colors, or with Metallic PMS colors), die-cut complexity(a simple diecut or complex diecut), finish(spot UV, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, laminating, varnishing).

As you can see, at least around 400USD will be introduced no matter your order quantity is small or big. And this is why the unit FOB price is extremly high when your order quantity is just too small, 100pcs, 500pcs.

And this also explains why the unit price will be very low when the order quanity reaches above 5000pcs.

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a China medium-sized custom paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. The company exclusively specializes in the supply and export of the custom paper boxes, including the paper printed boxcorrugated printed boxcosmetic paper boxrigid paper box, cardboard gift box and custom paper bag. If you have any questions about the custom paper box, or would like us to give you a price quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us an email.




FOB费用主要包括: 订舱费,拖车费(trucking fee),报关费(custom clearance fee),码头操作费(THC),文件费(DOC),进仓费等。如果不是柜货(FCL),是散货拼箱(LCL),则会产生拼箱费(CFS,有时成内装费)等。假如货代为客户指定,则会产生进仓费和操作费(handling fee)。


Trucking Fee (拖车费)
Booking Fee (订舱费)
Custom Clearance Fee (报关费)RMB130
ORC(Origin Receiving Charge本地出口附加费,始发地交接费用)RMB1100/1850/1850
THC(Terminal Handling Charge码头费用)RMB750/1100/1100
CFS (Container Freight Station拼箱费,内装费) 60RMB/CBM
T/R (Telex Release电放费用)RMB300/BL
AMS/ACI(America Manifest System出口北美货物预申报费用)USD25/SET
ENS (Entry Summary Declaration入境摘要报关单) USD25/SET
Warehouse Charge(进仓费,卸货费,仓库费)


内装费用(CFS或者拼箱费)45-100RMB/CBM(45良心货代,60正常,70,80,90,绝对黑心货代直接让客户换货代) + 报关费用 115-150RMB/票 + 操作费用 200RMB/票 + 单证费 150-300RMB/票(200RMB最常见)+ 电放费用 100-200RMB + ENS 175RMB (欧洲国家)+ AMS/ACI (美国或者加拿大)+ 进仓费用 300RMB (送货进入指定货代指定的仓库时产生)+ 6% 的税(开票)


全称Terminal Handling Charges. 中文译为码头费,码头操作费。


费用是“码头费”的意思,英文全称为:“TERMINAL HANDLING CHARGE”,即”码头操作费”的意思,本来出口方支付本国的码头操作费用是天经地义的事情,但是这个THC费用是国际船东为了增加收入,通过 船公司公会统一附加到我国出口者身上,在早年将此费用从国外带到中国,目前出口集装箱中,必须无条件支付给国际船东的一项费用,在 FOB 贸易下,由出口方支付THC费用。 THC费用经过几次涨价,随着中国通胀加剧,THC也在2011年1月份涨价到新的高度,中国出口者的负担又增加了。

早年,THC的费用是:RMB370/20GP,RMB560/40GP,40HQ,但是2011年开始,THC费用基本已经涨到:RMB600/20GP,RMB900/40GP,HQ, 但是不同 船公司 在本次涨价范围中,还个别定价,不同 船公司 提出不同收费标准,目前以 马士基 的标准为最高,以及达到ORC费用的水平。








ORC的全称是Original Receiving Charges,中文意思是:始发地交接费用,通常叫作本地码头操作费。在我们国家的南方地区的海港,比如广东省,福建省,海南省等地方都会收取这个费用,不过通常是FOB整柜才会有ORC费用,FOB的散货一般是没有这个费用的



(2)美洲—哥伦比亚、巴拉圭、巴西、阿根廷、乌拉圭、厄瓜多尔、美国 、 加拿大 、墨西哥、秘鲁、智利、委内瑞拉。


ORC和THC都属于码头操作费,只是叫法不同而已,ORC费用在一些距离我国比较远的地区用多些,THC费用则是用在一些距离我国比较近的地区会多些,比如日韩,东南亚,澳洲等地方,两者的费用也不同,THC是20尺柜是470人民币,40尺高柜和平柜都是750人民币/柜。 通常来说,ORC费用和THC费用是不会共存的。也就是说货代在运输这批货物的时候,如该航线按照ORC收取了费用,那么就不会再另外收THC费用,反之也是一样的。



全称container freight station. 中文译为拼箱费,内装费。 只在货物拼箱时产生。

CFS是集装箱货运站(CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION): 是处理拼箱货的场所,它办理拼箱货的交接,配载积载后,将箱子送往CY,并接受CY交来的进口货箱,进行拆箱,理货,保管,,最后拨给各收货人。同时也可按承运人的委托进行铅封和签发场站收据等业务.CFS的费用,通常是以一个立方多少来算的。


是英文 DOCUMENTATION FEE 的缩写,中文翻译为:”文件费” 。这个文件费是船公司为了降低单证人员的操作成本以及提货单据(提单)的印刷成本而征收出口方的一个费用。可以简单点理解,DOC就是提单费,因为我们出口时,需要船公司签发提单,而船公司收的费用。



以目前深圳出口为例,目前DOC的收费标准已经提高到了RMB200/票 或者等值的美金,由于各公司汇率不一,所以有的收USD30,有的收USD35,但是基本很多船公司都已经不收美金,直接用RMB计价。





America manifest system(美国仓单系统),又称反恐舱单费,信息费。进口美国的货(世界各地)都需要提供这个数据,是向美国海关提供的,包括具体毛件体,真实收发货人,中英文品名。一般要求在截关前一天完成。 提供AMS,是因为9.11恐怖事件,美国海关加大最进口货物的监管,才成立的一种制度。 AMS是25美金一票,AMS截掉后如需要求更改数据,一般是40美金一票。

AMS仓单系统不只是美国需要,加拿大也需要,与美国的AMS同样性质的,只不过在加拿大叫ACI. ACI是30美金一票。


全称Entry Summary Declaration,是“入境摘要报关单”的英文缩写,指的是欧洲海关提前舱单规则。自2011年1月1日起,欧盟将对前往或途径欧盟港口的所有货运强制执行“舱单提前申报”的规则,该规则适用于全部27个欧盟成员国(以下附上了欧盟成员国名单)。


针对所有进入欧盟的货物,公司必须向集装箱船挂靠的欧盟国家首个停靠港提交入境摘要报关单 (ENS),而且必须在起运港装载前24小时之前提交。





1.Shipper发货人 (如有EORI号,请提供):需提供完整公司名称,详细地址,国家、城市及邮编。
2.Consignee收货人 (如有EORI号,请提供):需提供完整公司名称,详细地址,国家、城市及邮编。
3.Notify通知人(“TO ORDER”提货单则必须提供通知人信息;如有EORI号,请提供):需有完整公司名称,详细地址,国家、城市及邮编。

注:EORI是英文Economic Operators Registration and Identification的缩写,该号码是欧盟国家内凡是有经济活动,尤其是有进出口生意的企业必备的一个登记号。只要在企业所属国海关登记获得该号码,在全欧盟通用。(EORI号如有,请务必在导ESR时即提供,6位HS代码也同时导入。)同时还需要提供以下信息:Container No.& Seal no. 集装箱号和封号、Goods Description 清晰、准确的货物描述、Type of package & Number of packages 包装数量和类型代码、4-6 digit HS Code 4-6位HS代码、Gross Weight 毛重、Shipping Mark 包装货物唛头、UN Dangerous Goods Code 危险货物的UN代码。

Trucking Fee拖车费




1.  事先跟客人不要绝对保证;

2. 跟车行提前1小时;

3. 对客人与车行做出对等的处罚原则,上海国际货代上海国际货运代理公司上海空运出口上海出口海运费用买单报关上海国际海运代理海运费查询买单报关买单出口;

4. 如果出现问题处理,不管基于何种方式,一定要与所有面对客户的同事口径保持一致;

Warehouse Charge 进仓费



(本次调整从 2013 年 07 月 01 日 0 点起)

一.仓库消防安保服务费 30 元 / 车;

二.货物上下车费(每票 2 立方起收)

(一) 普通货物:

外高桥港货物:22 元 / 立方,44 元 / 吨,(择大收取); 洋山港的货物:47 元 / 立方,90 元 / 吨,(择大收取);

(二)用厢型车或类似厢型车送货的:加收 30%;

(三)夜间收货(22:00 – 07:00):加收 30%;

(四)用集装箱送货须落地卸货的,加收 100/20‘、150/40’;


进外港货物: 3 – 7 吨,60 元 / 吨;

7 吨以上 90 元 / 吨; 进洋山港的货物:3-7 吨,120 元 / 吨;

7 吨以上 150 元 / 吨;

(六)单件货物长度大于 5 米:加收 30%;


1. LCL 散货FOB深圳费用

(1) 吨车费TRUCKING FEE: 工厂—-〉深圳散货仓库(海关监管仓),发货人可以自己安排(自己安排可能会便宜点),如果嫌麻烦,也可以让货代安排;

(2) 散货报关费CUSTOMS CLEARANCE FEE:RMB350.00/票 (如果没有出口报关权,还要买单出口;买单的详细解释请到我的博客里看);

(3) 散货拼箱费CFS CHARGES: USD5.00/CBM (CIF预付货物:深圳所有的货代都是这个收费标准;FOB到付货物:有的货代是收这么多,有的货代收费比这个贵,请同收货人指定的货代确认 )

(4). 文件费DOC(或者叫提单费B/L FEE): RMB150.00/票 (有的收USD15.00) (收货人指定的货代也有收RMB200.00或更多的,请同收货人指定的货代确认)

(5). AMS FEE(向美国海关做预申报的费用):USD25.00/票 (除了货物去美国、加拿大之外,去其它地方的则不收)

(6). 手续费/操作费HANDLING CHARGE: RMB250.00/票 (FOB货,客户指定的货代通常会收这个费用;RMB250.00是个参考价,具体是多少,还是要同客户指定的货代确认)

(7). 电放费:RMB150.00/票(如果要做电放的话就收,不做就没有;当然有时做电放也可以申请免电放费)

2. FCL 柜货FOB深圳费用

(1). 拖车费TRUCKING FEE: 工厂—-〉深圳码头(盐田,赤湾,蛇口,或妈湾),可以自己安排(自己安排可能会便宜点),如果嫌麻烦,也可以让货代安排;

(2). 报关费CUSTOMS CLEARANCE FEE:RMB200.00/票 (如果没有出口报关权,还要买单出口)

(3). 港口建设费+码头安全费: RMB100.00/20′ RMB150.00/40’/40’HQ

(4). ORC(可以理解为码头费): USD141.00/20′ USD269.00/40’/40’HQ;

THC(码头费):RMB370.00/20′ RMB560.00/40’/40’HQ; 备注:去欧美的货物收ORC,而去东南亚、印巴、非洲的则收THC;在这一点上是有很大的不同;

(5). 文件费DOC(或者叫提单费B/L FEE): RMB150.00/票 (有的收USD15.00) (收货人指定的货代也有收RMB200.00或更多的,请同你收货人指定的货代确认)

(6). AMS FEE(向美国海关做预申报的费用):USD25.00/票 (除了货物去美国、加拿大之外,去其它地方的则不收)

(7). 手续费/操作费HANDLING CHARGE: RMB250.00/票 (FOB货,客户指定的货代通常会收这个费用;RMB250.00是个参考价,具体是多少你还是要同客户指定的货代确认)

(8). 电放费:RMB150.00/票(如果你要做电放的话就收,不做就没有;当然有时做电放也可以申请免电放费) FOB 深圳的费用就是这些了,如果没有特别的情况发生,任何货代要取收额外的费用,发货人都可以拒绝支付。


5.Free detention: 免柜期:免费使用柜的期限
6.Free demurrage: 免堆期:免费使用堆场的期限

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a China medium-sized custom paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. The company exclusively specializes in the supply and export of the custom paper boxes, including the paper printed boxcorrugated printed boxcosmetic paper boxrigid paper box, cardboard gift box and custom paper bag. If you have any questions about the custom paper box, or would like us to give you a price quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us an email.