China Paper Packaging Industry Research 3

4 Market Trends of China’s Paper Packaging Industry

4.1.1 New Trends of Internet + Packaging

Under the background of China’s intelligent manufacturing, the paper packaging industry has also begun industrial upgrading and transformation development. New development models such as intelligent manufacturing and “Internet +” have begun to take off in the industry.

Automated production lines, digital workshops, and modern logistics have emerged in some enterprises above designated size and formed a certain scale, such as: Shengda Group and jointly created The cloud printing service platform is also planning to build a smart factory in the paper packaging industry; as the first Chinese carton enterprise to pass the inspection and acceptance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhejiang Wenzhou Dongjing Technology is building a small and medium-sized enterprise that reduces costs, improves efficiency, and doubles value. Intelligent packaging service platform; Xiamen Hexing Packaging, a leading company in the industry, established the United Packaging Network, which is engaged in the “Internet + Packaging” experiment, and its business is developing well; in addition, many companies such as Meiyingsen, Yutong, Jinjia, etc. All have been injected with Internet genes and entered into markets such as smart manufacturing or cloud printing. The Internetization of the paper packaging and printing industry will bring about tremendous changes, and industry integration will usher in new forces.

black color lift off lid rigid paper box

The lift off lid paper box is black color with the satin finish, which is made of the corrugated board.

With the addition of Internet technology, China paper packaging boxes have been given more functional attributes, and the demand for packaging paper boxes has gradually become diversified and individualized. Under the new trend of “Internet + packaging”, informatization, big data, and intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, while enabling enterprises to provide customers with fast, convenient, inexpensive and high-quality integrated services.

4.1.2 The trend of green environmental protection

E-commerce packaging is one of the important factors driving the development of the paper packaging industry, but due to its excessive growth rate, the waste of resources and environmental pollution problems have also followed. Therefore, under the international trend of low-carbon circular economy, China has also proposed specific targets for low-carbon and emission reduction. On September 14, 2010, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and the General Administration of Press and Publication formally signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Implementation of Green Printing“. The agreement aims to strengthen support for packaging and printing companies to implement color packaging printing policies, and eliminate outdated printing technology, technology, and improve Capacity.

In 2018, the State Council of China issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Express Industry” and the “Opinions on Promoting the Coordinated Development of E-commerce and Express Logistics”, clearly requiring the promotion of green packaging and packaging reduction. Green packaging is a high-tech form of packaging. From raw materials to packaging design and manufacturing, to product use and recycling, every link requires resource saving, high efficiency, and harmlessness. Ecological packaging materials have received widespread attention from the world. Their research should be considered from the entire process of development, packaging design, production, use, and disposal. With the continuous popularization and deepening of environmental protection awareness of Chinese companies, traditional printing and packaging materials have been unable to meet market requirements.

Active research and development of environmentally friendly packaging materials is becoming the development trend of the paper printing and packaging industry. In order to better adapt to the market’s demand for environmentally friendly products, China’s technically capable paper printing and packaging companies have begun to conduct research and development on new environmentally friendly materials. The overall paper product packaging industry is moving towards reduction, reuse, recyclable, and degradable products.

4.1.3 Intelligent packaging machinery and equipment and intelligent workflow

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials are constantly being integrated into the paper packaging industry. Packaging equipment with high production efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, strong flexibility, and high technical content is the current industry has been pursuing. Creating a new type of intelligent packaging machinery and applying it to production on a large scale is the general direction of the future development of the paper packaging industry. At present, although Chinese paper box companies are still in the exploratory stage to enter the field of smart packaging, they have already achieved initial results in some companies. For example, the printed paper box intelligent production line project of Sichuan Ruisen Paper Co., Ltd. will be officially put into production. The workshop of this project uses a BHS fully intelligent corrugated cardboard box production line imported from Germany and 7 Italian fully intelligent linkage lines. Automated production of corrugated cardboard and packaging boxes.

In addition, the leading companies in the industry are also moving closer to digitalization and intelligence in terms of workflow. The digitization and intelligence of the work process of the paper packaging industry are established on the basis of digital information processing and transmission, including image processing technology, digital printing technology, etc., to manage and control related processes. In the information age, the digitization and intelligence of work processes are the management goals of the paper packaging industry. The realization of this goal avoids many complicated procedures in traditional paper packaging, can greatly improve the operating efficiency of paper packaging enterprises, reduce production costs, and fully meet the market’s personalized, timely, and traceable paper printed packaging products. And many other needs.