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  • Foil Stamping for Custom Paper Box

    Foil stamping is a special finish where the foil film is used to create striking designs and graphics on the custom paper printed box. It gives the paper printed box a shiny and incredible look, adding a very luxury feel.

    Foil stamping finish is available in Shanghai DE Printed Box for the custom paper boxes, corrugated printed boxes, cosmetic paper boxes, rigid paper boxes and custom paper bags.

    gold hot foil stamping paper box
    Gold Foil Stamped Paper Box

    Foil stamping finish is applied in the custom paper boxes and bags for our clients when they want:

    • 1. To add dazzle, distinction and luxury feel to the paper printed box;
    • 2. To enhance the identification of their products, particularly the high-end products, like cosmetic and beauty products, wine products and the gift products.

    The foil can be almost any color. The foil films comes in rolls in a wide assortment of colors, finishes, and optical effects. The gold foil, silver foil, copper foil and holographic foil stamping are the most common.

    Also, foil stamping can go together with embossing and debossing finish to create a more striking 3D image by sharing a pair of positive plate and negative plate. The bronze plate and copper plate are the most common plates.

    Foil Stamping Process

    The foil stamping can be divided into 2 types, the hot foil stamping and cold foil stamping.

    Hot Foil Stamping

    In the hot foil stamping process, the sculpted metal plate comes in contact with the foil film under external pressure and heat, then the foil color is transferred to the intended paperboard. Temperature, pressure and speed are 3 important factors to achieve a good foil effect.

    silver hot foil stamped printed box
    Silver Foil Stampping
    silver foil stamping paper box
    Silver Foil Stamped Paper Box

    Cold Foil Stamping

    In the cold foil stamping process, there are 4 main steps:

    • Print the UV-curable adhesive on to the paperboard by using the standard printing plates; The UV curable adhesive is a special type of glue, which can be dried instantly by the Ultraviolet light. The process is like use the inks to print an image. The adhesive is used to print the graphic design of the foil effect onto the custom paper box.
    • Nip the foil film onto the printed adhesive;
    • The paperboard is under the exposure of the UV light, then the adhesive is cured and becomes tacky;
    • The foil corresponding to the adhesive area sticks to tacky adhesive area on the paperboard; at this step, the bright shining foil effect is created on the custom paper box;
    • Foil that does not adhere to the adhesive remains on the thin polyester liner of the foil film, which is directed to a rewind spool.

    Foil Stamping Colors

    The common metallic foil has a metal-like sheen and gives a shiny and shimmering look to the foil stamped design on the custom paper box. Such foil is available in different metal shades such as gold, rose gold, glossy silver, matt silver, bronze, and copper. Just to name a few.

    hot foil stamping
    Foil Papers of Various Colors
    Holographic Foil
    Holographic Foil Paper

    All of the foil papers are outsourced. And we have quite a few foil paper suppliers to meet the custom color need of our clients.

    Holographic Foil

    The holographic foil can transfer a 3D holographic image to the custom paper box and gives a very special, moving effect to the foil designs.

    The matte blue custom paper box below has the holographic foil stamping for the phoenix. The finish makes the box very eye-popping.

    holographic foil printed paper box
    Holographic Foil Printed Paper Box