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    Litho Printed Products

    As a leading China packaging box supplier, Shanghai DE Printed Box are dedicated to use the latest litho printing technology and equipment for our paper packaging boxes and bags.

    Litho Offset Printing delivers the exceptional high graphics with vivid colors and sharp images. Unlike the flexographic printing, an inked image is transferred from the printing plate to a rubber blanket cylinder first, then to the paper. This is a lithographic process based on the repulsion of oil and water. It is very suitable for the medium to long printing run. Our litho printed products include:

    Litho Offset Printed Corrugated Carton Box

    High-end Offset Press

    To ensure the best package printing quality, we invest in the best state-of-the-art equipments and management systems available. In all of 3 printed packaging facilities, the Six Sigma Management System is implemented to reduce the uncertainties in the production. In our Zhejiang offset printed packaging facility, we have the most high-end offset printing presses, like Manroland, Heidelberg Speedmaster Sheetfed Offset Printing Press. They are suitable for the long-run and short-run printing, small area and big area printing, thin paper printing and thick paperboard printing. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 162, XL 145 can print on the paperboard as thick as 1.6mm. Below are the specifications.

    Name of Offset Printing Press Max Paper Size(cm) Min Paper Size(cm)
    One Color Offset Printing Press48*66cm27*39cm
    Four Color Ryobi58*75cm30*44cm
    Two color Manroland72*103cm30*44cm
    Four color Manroland 70472*102cm30*44cm
    Four color Manroland 90595.5*130cm50*70cm
    Four color Manroland 904100*140cm60*92cm
    Four color Manroland 904119*162cm360*92cm
    Heidelberg Speedmaster Sheetfed Series Max Paper Size(mm) Min Paper Size(mm) Number of Printing Units
    Speedmaster SM 52370*520105*1454
    Speedmaster SX 52370*520105*1455
    Speedmaster SM 52 Anicolor370*520105*1455
    Speedmaster SM 74530*740210*2804
    Speedmaster SX 74530*750210*3505
    Speedmaster XL 75 C-Format530*750210*3505
    Speedmaster CD 102720*1020340*4804
    Speedmaster CX 102720*1020340*4806
    Speedmaster SX 102720*1020340*4806
    Speedmaster XL 1621210*1620630*8606
    Speedmaster XL 1451060*1450630*8606
    Speedmaster XL 106750*1060340*4806

    PMS Color Printing and Metallic Gold|Silver Printing

    Besides the common CMYK color printing, Shanghai DE Printed Box also provides the brilliant PMS color printing, particularly the Pantone metallic color printing. Like the gold|silver foil stamping, the metallic inks printing improves the value perception of your products. The brilliance of gold, silver and other metallic colors can add a touch of exclusivity to the packaging box. The metallic color printing is often used for the cosmetic packaging boxes and other luxury items packaging.

    During the printing process, the expensive gold inks, silver inks are applied along with the CMYK color printing on the offset printing press. And they are less expensive than the foil stamping. The most common metallic gold color used are Pantone Metallic 871 C, 872 C, 873 C, 874 C, 875 C and 876 C. And the Metallic Pantone 877 C is the most widely used metallic silver color.

    metallic gold, silver printing paper box
    Metallic Gold Color, Metallic Silver Color

    Download the Pantone Metallic Color Chart to choose your favorite color.

    Finish for Litho Printed Packaging

    For maximum and eye catching impact, we also offer a variety of printing finishes to accommodate the litho printing. The finish service include the laminating, varnishing, spot UV, embossing, hot foil stamping as well as the variable data printing.

    high end litho printing press for the paper packaging production
    Manroland 900 For the High Graphics Printing

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