Black Paperboard Box

The black paperboard box we talked below is a black color coffee packaging box we made for a coffee company in Britain. It is custom printed paper box based on the size, printing and finish details

black paperboard box

Bronze color foil stamping and spot UV on the black paperboard box. On the front panel is the bronze color foil stamping. And the spot UV and embossing for the brand logo on the top lid of the box.

Unlike other folding paper boxes which are made of the SBS paperboard, this box is made of the 400gsm black specialty paperboard, which has the natural black color inside and out. This is a high-end look material, which makes the package looks high quality. Spot UV and bronze color foil stamping have the great visual effect on the black paperboard box.  Meanwhile, the embossing is used for the brand name of the coffee.

coffee paper box black inside and out

The coffee paper box has the natural black color inside and out.

However, the weakness of the black box is white color printing problem. It is quite difficult for the traditional litho offset printing. The white inks are not thickness to cover the black color inside. In order to solve this problem, we need either use the screen printing or the white color foil stamping.

White color printing on the black paper box

White color printing on the black paper box

As for the paper box style, it is a typical straight tuck end paper box. This style is mostly used for the high end products, like perfume, lipsticks, tea and coffee, etc.

The black color paperboard box is a custom paper printed box,  usually made of the 350gsm or 400gsm specialty black paperboard. The thickness is 0.5-0.55mm. Also, it can be thicker as 0.7mm in thickness when we glue 2 layers together. It is widely used as retail packaging packaging boxes.

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