How does Our Factory Make the Rigid Paper Box

Daily Rigid boxes

Rigid Paper Boxes (also called “Set-Up Paper Boxes”) are a very common type of packaging carton. They are often used for luxury products packaging. Rigid board boxes are typically thicker, prettier and stronger than an average folding carton, which is made of a single layer SBS paperboard. They are instead made of 2-3mm thick greyboard or chipboard inside, wrapped with art paper that can be as plain or luxurious as desired.

Slide Rigid Box With Ribbon Pull Tab

Rigid board boxes, as the name suggests, are setup paperboard boxes, which are rigid and sturdy. Look at the the classic gift boxes at your home. If you’ve ever purchased an expensive jewlry, or a bottle of luxury perfume or beauty products, or a nice pair of shoes or heels, they are probably packaged in a rigid paper box.

Luxury watches are another typical products which have the rigid box packaging.  iPhones, iPad and other well-known mobile phones all use rigid boxes for packaging today. And so do many beauty products and high-end cosmetic products and spirits,. Just to name a few.

The Process to Make a Rigid Box

The dieline or template creating is the first step to make a rigid paperboard box. And it is the most important procedure, which determines the success or failure of the packaging. When the template is done, a sample making is the 2nd step, which is used for the test and improvement of the dieline accuracy. An accurate template means that the box will have very good structure.

When the template is confirmed, it is the blueprint we use to produce the rigid box. Most of the production processes are done by machine today, like cutting. But for the assembing, setup of the rigid box and gluing, these jobs are still done by hands. It explains why the rigid paper box usually has a very high cost.

The outer wrap is the skin of the paper box, which is beautifully decorated. It has the very fine finish and printing, very eye-appealing. While the inner greyboard or chipboard is the skeleton (framework). It is 2-3mm in thickness, which makes the carton box very rigid and strong. Cutting dies are used to cut the chipboard to its custom size and shape, while scoring dies are used to crease the greyboard for the foldingand setup of the rigid box.

As illustrated below, the 4 side panels of the box are folded up along the scoring lines to form the framework. Next, tape is applied to secure the sides using a machine called a quad stayer. These processes are done by the machine.

rigid paperboard box making process

The wrap is the outer skin of the rigid box. It is either art paper or specialty paper. “Both has very fine printing, texture and ifnish, giving a luxury feel. They are well prepared and trimmed perfectly to fit the box. The skeleton formed by the chipboard is then placed on the wrap where glue is used to adhere the two together by the machine.

Rigid Box Styles – A Quick Overview

Most Rigid boxes consist of basically two parts – a lid on the top and a base at the bottom. The shapes of the rigid board box vary greatly – square, rectangular, circular, triangular, V-shaped etc.

The lift-off lid rigid box is a typical telescope rigid box. It has a separate lid and a separate bottom base. Telescope lids have a lid that covers either the entire base, called a Full Telescope Box, or just part of the base, called a Partial Telescope Box.

Full Telescope lid, like on chocolate or candy boxes, have a lid that covers the entire base of the box. This particular example has “thumb cuts” to make opening the box easier. The iPhone box is a typical full telescope rigid box.

iPhone Box – Full Telescope Rigid Box

Partial Telescope (also called Partial Cover) rigid boxes are exactly what you’d expect, the lid only partially covers the base.

Partial Telescope Rigid Box

The Classic Shoebox mentioned earlier is a style of lid that has a lip that is, traditionally, 1 inch deep. Meantime, most shoebox are not exactly rigid paper box, because they are made of corrugated paperboard. They are corrugated folding cartons, which can be flat packed, stored and shipped.

Don’t let the name of this rigid box style confuse you, the classic shoebox style doesn’t have to be used for just shoes.

Besides the telescope rigid box, another popular rigid board box is what we know as a Tray with Sleeve, or Slipcase, or Shell and Slide, or slide rigid box, or match boxes, or drawer rigid box.

custom paper box slide rigid box
Slide Rigid Box

A special type of partial telescope box is called Neck Box, or Shoulder Box. An extra tray is glued on the side panels of the base and protrudes up past the top edge of the base. This protrusion creates a “neck” and the top edge of the base becomes the “shoulder”. Such a rigid box looks quite elegant.

Sometimes the “neck” is made extra long and it protrudes past the lip of the base so much so that it creates a gap between the lid and the base. This is done mostly for esthetic reasons.

“Hinged Lids” – Rigid Boxes

Unlike the lift off lid rigid box, the hinged lids rigid box is a one-piece package. The lid is attached permanently to the bottome base. The lip can flip open easily like a book or a clamshell. Thereore, it is also called flip top box, cigar box or clamshell rigid box. There are many different styles of hinged lid rigid boxes. And here are some popular styles.

Flip Top or Cigar Box is a classic and versatile style of rigid box. Traditionally it has been used for high-end cigars, but can, and is, used for almost anything.

Flip-open Rigid Box

Here is a variation of the Flip Top or Cigar Box – The Book Style rigid box, when closed, resembles a hard cover book. This style is commonly used to package everything from luxury food items to clothes to beauty products and consumer electronics.

Clamshell Style is found in many other types of packaging, not just rigid boxes. Corrugated packaging as well as folding cartons and thermoform / blister packaging utilize this style.

Clamshell Rigid Box

As mentioned previously, the rigid paper box, cardboard setup box has so many variations that it would be nearly impossible to list them all; add on top of that, there are a plethora of possible extras such as platforms, compartments, magnetic closures, windows, ribbon pulls, handles, etc. But the above examples should give you an idea of the common fundamental styles. Besides, there are collapsible rigid boxes, foldable rigid boxes, and various custom setup boxes.

Custom Rigid Paper Box

Rigid Box packaging is not simply about luxury and beauty.  It can (and should) be took into consideration to replace a folding carton, or printed paper box when protection and durability during transport and the often rough retail environment are major factors. In addition, in the consumer’s home, where repeated use and storage of the product in the box is an asset, rigid boxes will add value for your customers.

Collapsible Rigid Box, or Foldable Rigid Box