Corrugated Mailer Box With Tear Strip

With a piece of tear-off strip, the customer can pop-open a corrugated mailer box immediately after he/she gets the package. In this post, we will introduce a corrugated mailer box printed inside and outside with a piece of tear-off strip.

This is a corrugated box printed black color inside and outside. On the outside, the brand logo and texts are spot UV varnished.

The printed corrugated box is quite strong, rigid and durable. It is made of the E fltue corrugated board. Such a E flute box is quite different from the single side printed box, the corrugated board of which has only 3 layers. While, the corrugated box printed on both sides has 4 layers due to the printing inside.

The corrugated mailer box usually has the roll end tuck top structure. But this box is quite different. The roll end structure on the front was changed to a tear-off strip structure. Then, the printed paper box is easy to open within a second. And the customer will have a better experience.