Black Color Rigid Paper Box

Recently we got 2 pretty black color rigid paper box from our clients. They are both custom rigid setup boxes with very creative box stuctures.

Magnet Closure Rigid Box

This is about a custom rigid paper box used as a presentation paper box. The box opens like a book. It has the magentic closure on the front.

The rigid setup box has the glossy silver foil for the logo on the top, very impressive. Also, there is a purple color gap between the top lid and the bottom tray. This makes the custom paper box looks very elegant and beautiful.

Flip-open Rigid Setup Box

A custom black color rigid paper box can flip open easily, then the customers can have an instant view of the itmes inside. The rigid setup box has the black color inside and outside. If you are looking for a bespoke rigid box, or luxury rigid box, this is a perfect option.