Sustainable Package and Green Printing

It is DE Printed Box’s mission to develop and manufacture the sustainable package with the green printing technology for our paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes and paper bags.

N Flute Corrugated Folder Box

microflute corrugated printed box

In this article, we will introduce a cardboard folder box, which is made of the N flute corrugated board. The custom paper box is used to package some magnetic cards inside. Sizes and Structure The folder size is medium. It is 20cm in length, 16cm in width and 5cm in depth. And it is the […]

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UV Printing and Custom Paper Box

The UV printing is widely used for the premium packages, which is a special litho printing technology.  During the printing process, the UV inks are dried instantly by the UV light. Thereafter, the printed paperboard can be processed directly for the die-cutting, foil stamping and embossing. Thus, the turn-around time is reduced. Another benefit we

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An Inquiry of a Candle Box

Packaging Design Background We are a small candle manufacturer in the UK about to launch a glassware range next year in the UK. We take receipt of all decorated glassware later this month and are now looking at trying to finalize the candle packaging supply. Hoping the attached is self-explanatory. The artwork is naturally draft

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A Complete Guide to UV Printing in Paper Package

UV technology offers the package printing manufacturers an alternative to the conventional litho offset printing. It is divided into two categories, UV offset printing and UV varnishing. UV offset printing has the same mechanism as the conventional litho offset printing, exepting that the special formulated UV inks dries through a completely different process. As a

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