UV Printing and Custom Paper Box

The UV printing is widely used for the premium packages, which is a special litho printing technology.  During the printing process, the UV inks are dried instantly by the UV light. Thereafter, the printed paperboard can be processed directly for the die-cutting, foil stamping and embossing. Thus, the turn-around time is reduced.

UV printing and custom paper box
UV Printing and Custom Paper Box

Another benefit we can get from the UV printing is the crisp image reproduced on the custom paper box. The printed paper box has the finer details and vivid colors.  Therefore, if you are looking for a custom paper box of good definition and vibrant color, the UV printing is a very good option.

For many special paperboards which have the gorgeous textures and patterns, the traditional offset printing just doesn’t work very well due to the limitation of the thickness or smoothness. However, the UV printing works. The UV printing has a less strict requirement for the paper materials. For the cosmetic paper boxes, the 24pt SBS C2S paperboard is usually used, but it is too thick for the litho printing, while the UV printing can work very well. The black special paperboard is also widely used for the custom paper boxes and UV printing can render the best printing quality.

UV glossy printing corrugated printed box
UV Glossy Corrugated Printed Box

Besides the high definition of the printing quality, the UV printing can also produce the very high glossy effect on the paper printed boxes and corrugated printed boxes. Meanwhile, the inks are prevented from fading with time.

There is another great benefit for the UV printed paper boxes. It is scratch resistant. Once the UV inks is dried by the UV light, the UV inks on the surface becomes very hard. It can well protect the custom paper box from scratching and dirt.

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