Function of The Packaging

The packaging function is the role the package plays on the packed products. And the role depends on the effect that businesses want to have. There are mainly 3 purposes to use a package: protection, convenience and marketing.

Keep the products safe

Protection is the first requirement of a good package. For instance, a glass bottle for juices can not break into pieces during the storage and shipment. And a kraft beer carrier is supposed to be durable when a man carries the beer bottles home. Similarly, an electronics paper box should have good cushioning performance to keep the items safe inside.

Before a box of chocolate is carried home by the consumer, it has visited many placed. In the beginning, the workers put the chocolate into a custom printed chocolate box. Then the individual boxes are packed into the corrugated cartons. After that, the cartons are loaded onto a pallet for the delivery to the shopping mall by the forklifter. Next, the cartons are stacked together in the warehouse. Finally, the chocolate paper box is displayed on the shelf of the groceries.

chocolate paper box

In the entire process, the chocolate bespoke paper box should be protected from shock, squeezing, vibration, collision, humidity, light, gas, bacterial pests, etc. A little mistake might affect the chocolate sales. Therefore, the packaging designer must consider the box structure and material well.


Convenience is the second important function of the packaging. For the businesses, ease of packing, delivery and storage is what they would like to have. For the end customers, convenience of carrying, opening and usage plays a big role on the customer experience. For example, an auto bottom paper box can be assembled within minutes on the production line. Consequently, the businesses can save time and costs. Likewise, the cookware cartons usually have a plastic handle, then a housewife can easily take a pot or cooker home.

Corrugated Box With a plastic handle, cookware paper box

Sales and Marketing

The ultimate purpose of a business is to have profit from the sale of the products. The sales and marketing function has become part of the product. An excellent design can well improve the sales of the company. Therefore, promotion is one of the most important function of the printed packaging.

Consequently, the package becomes the silent salesperson in the shopping mall. The visual effect is intelligently design to meet the psychological need of a customer. For example, the cosmetic paper boxes usually have the exquisite printing and finish outside to interest the young office ladies. Moreover, the paper box designer chooses the words and images carefully to arouse the desire. Then a potential client can become a real consumer.

cosmetic paper box



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