Packaging Design

Packaging Box design is the process of creating a custom paper boxes to safely package a product while realizing its marketing value. Get inspired to create your unique packaging design.

12 Packaging Design Websites That Make You Inspired

the dieline packaging website

Top 12 Packaging Design Websites The Internet is very exciting, full of resources and tutorials on packaging design, attracting people who are interested. However, sometimes, too many choices can make people feel confused. Therefore, we have carefully selected the world’s top 12 packaging design resource websites to help you get inspiration and creativity. 01. The Dieline …

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The Modern Cosmetic Packaging Printing Methods

The modern cosmetic packaging usually combines different printing methods to achieve the best marketing effect. The offset printing, gravure printing, embossing and silk screen printing are usually used. For example, we use the offset printing to have an accurate reproduction of the complex images. And we use the rotogravure printing to finish the pantone color …

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A CG Artists Guide To Understanding Composition

symmetry and guiding line

Source: Imagine purchasing a book, You open it only to find that the pages were out of order. The text was difficult to read, and the story rambled on in no particular direction. That’s exactly the same as a badly composed image. Composition, everyone’s heard of it. What is it? Composition is about arranging …

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N Flute Corrugated Folder Box

N flute corrugated box micro flute cardboard box

In this article, we will introduce a cardboard folder box, which is made of the N flute corrugated board. The custom paper box is used to package some magnetic cards inside. Sizes and Structure The folder size is medium. It is 20cm in length, 16cm in width and 5cm in depth. And it is the …

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Understanding Color

Using colors is probably one of the biggest hurdles that artists face. Knowing how to use colors effectively to adjust the mood, or the atmosphere, or to even pick colors that actually go well together, it’s really hard for a lot of people to make it work. Therefore, that’s what this video is all about, …

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Packaging Design Positioning

Design positioning is a psychological strategy to make the brand and product hold a favorable position in the consumer’s mind. Consequently, the consumer thinks of a particular brand first when he plans to buy something. It proves to be an effective marketing approach. It increases the brand awareness and sales of the company. The package …

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The Process Of Packaging Design

There are six steps in the process of the packaging design. They are business analysis, market research, similar package study, new trend understanding, information collection and packaging solution plan. Business Need Analysis In the beginning of the packaging design, the designer should communicated effectively with the business. Thus, he can fully understand the company need. …

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