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F Flute Corrugated Box

In this post, we will talk about a F flute corrugated box, printed inside and outside. It is used to pack the home testing kits.

The custom packaging is used as a mailer box for the mailing and postage purpose. Therefore, the paper printed box are required to be rigid and durable. Also, the custom corrugated box has the pretty printing inside and outside. inside the paper printed box is a printed cardboard insert .

It is made of the micro flute corrugated board.

F flute corrugated printed box

Matte look micro flute corrugated box

The client absolutely loves our packaging and wanted to reach out to see if we could help with the packaging of a soon to launch product (Home testing kits) for their company, Doctoori Connect, which sells medical testing kits that users can order to their homes. They already have the design in place and would like the packaging to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

micro flute corrugated box printed

The F flute corrugated box is printed inside and outside.

Here are the components of the kit they will need our help with:

  • An outer cardboard box with custom doctoori branding and design
  • A small card inside the box with instructions on how to take the test and return the test back to us  (DESIGN TO BE PROVIDED SOON)
  • Two cardboard/paper boxes or flaps inside the box – one for taking the test and the other one for sending the sample back to us.
corrugated mailer box mailing box

It has the roll tuck end with dust flaps on the sides.

China Paper Packaging Industry Research 4

5.2 Analysis of China paper packaging companies
5.2.1 Yutong Technology Company profile

Shenzhen Yutong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (Yutong Technology) was established in 2002. It is a leading provider of overall packaging solutions in the paper packaging industry. Its main product business includes color printed paper boxes, gift paper boxes, rigid paper boxes, manuals, corrugated printed cartons, boxes and other products as well as smart packaging , Environmental protection packaging, functional packaging and other industry solutions, the service industry covers food and beverage, electronic communications, daily chemical, health, cigarettes. Yutong Technology is a leading company in the industry.

In 2017, the company’s operating income reached 6.95 billion yuan. Yutong Technology ranked first in the “2017 China Top 100 Printing Enterprises” list released by the industry authoritative magazine “Printing Manager”. Yutong Technology pays attention to technology and product research and development. The innovative research and development platform owned by the company focuses on the theoretical research of packaging, printing, printing and other technologies, material and product engineering experimental testing, product process design research and development and other fields. The company has made certain achievements in the development of packaging and printing technology. It has developed intelligent packaging, digital watermark anti-counterfeiting and other high-tech and applied them to various paper packaging products. While highlighting its technical strength, it also enhances the attractiveness of products. Power and practicality. In addition, Yutong Technology participated in the drafting of 36 industry standards related to printing and packaging, reflecting the company’s R&D accumulation in the industry.

custom paper box with spot UV

Spot UV and Embossing for the logo UE COFFEE ROASTERS Main Products

Yutong Technology’s products mainly include color boxes, gift boxes, manuals, stickers, corrugated boxes and paper trays (see Figure 5-). Color box is the main source of income of Yutong Technology. In 2017, the operating income of color box accounted for 74.5% of the overall revenue. The color box not only has the function of packaging products, but also has the function of beautifying the goods. Since the color box has a certain design content, the main color box products have a certain effect on the overall profitability of Yutong Technology. In addition, the operating income of brochures and carton products is relatively small, each accounting for less than 10% of operating income. Competitive advantage

(1) Strong R&D and innovation strength
The innovative research and development platform owned by Yutong Technology includes in-depth research and accumulation in many fields such as theoretical knowledge and technology research, material engineering experiments, and industrial design. The research institute established by the company has been tracking the cutting-edge and cutting-edge technology of the industry for a long time, focusing on researching new packaging technologies such as smart packaging, functional packaging, and environmentally friendly packaging. At the same time, it is deeply engaged in research in high-end anti-counterfeiting technology, three-dimensional printing 3D printing technology and other fields. And accumulating. The company has established a 3D printing technology engineering laboratory, a nano intelligent coating material engineering laboratory, a digital and anti-counterfeiting printing engineering technology research center, and promotes the application of core technologies in the industry and the transformation of research and development results into various paper packaging products.

Technological breakthroughs and product innovations have laid a solid foundation for the cultivation of industry-leading talents and the establishment of high-end research platforms.
In addition, Yutong Technology has formed a strategic cooperation with China’s first-class scientific research institutions to contribute an important force to the company’s scientific research strength through the integrated market operation of “production, study and research”. With the concerted efforts of internal and external research and development entities, the company has achieved numerous research results. As of the end of 2017, Yutong Technology has obtained 208 patents including invention patents, utility model patents and design patents, and participated in 43 countries and The formulation of industry standards.

(2) Broad and high-quality customer resources

Yutong Technology has a large number of high-quality customer resources. The company serves many industries such as food and beverage, electronic communications, household chemicals, and health. Most of its customers are leading brands in various industries, such as Nestle, Dove, Luzhou Laojiao in the food and beverage industry, and Huawei and Samsung in the electronic communication industry. , Sony, Mary Kay in daily chemicals, Infinitus in the health industry, etc.

Paper packaging products not only meet the basic and necessary functional requirements such as protection and cushioning, but also play an important role in enhancing the aesthetics of products and the aesthetic experience of users. Good appearance design is a necessary guarantee for product brand premium. The cooperation between Yutong Technology and leading brands in various industries is of great significance to both parties. The paper packaging products provided by the company provide customer products with functional protection and beautification of commodity packaging. High-quality customer resources are Yutong Technology’s profound Evidence of technical strength, excellent product design, and high-quality product quality will greatly help enhance the company’s reputation and popularity in the industry, and will help the company further expand its high-quality customer base.

(3) Global business layout

Yutong Technology has a complete global production and service system (see Figure 5-). In China, the company has production bases in key cities in East China, North China, South China, and Southwest China. Through a nationwide service network, the distance with customers is shortened, the cycle from product production to delivery is reduced, and industries with a small service radius are broken. Limit, improve response speed and service quality.

Internationally, the company has production bases in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Bac Ninh, Vietnam and Bangalore, India, and a service center in San Jose, USA. The company’s international production and service layout is an important measure to conform to the general trend of global industrial transfer, optimize product cost structure, and enhance brand advantages. It will help brands establish a foothold in China, enter the world, and gradually enhance international competitiveness.

5.2.2 Hexing Packaging Company profile

Xiamen Hexing Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. (Hexing Packaging) was established in 1993 and has 6 holding subsidiaries. It is a large-scale integrated packaging enterprise covering the entire industrial chain of paper packaging product design, production, sales, distribution and service.
The main products of Hexing Packaging include color boxes, cushioning packaging materials, books and periodicals, corrugated boxes, etc. The main service industries include electronic communications, food and beverage, home appliances, daily chemicals, express delivery, and e-commerce retail. The company has a vast and high-quality customer resources, most of which are leading brands in various industries, including Dell, Yili, Mengniu, Procter & Gamble, SF Express, China Resources, etc.

Hexing Packaging is a well-known brand in the industry. It has successively won honorary titles such as “China Packaging Leading Enterprise” and “Advanced Technology Enterprise”. The company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2008. After listing, the company’s management has become more standardized, and its industry influence and brand awareness have been further enhanced. Relying on outstanding brand advantages, broad production capacity layout, advanced production management system, and high-quality product quality, Hexing Packaging ranks in the forefront of the industry, with operating revenue of 6.32 billion yuan in 2017, ranking second only to Yutong Technology . Main products and services

The main products of Hexing Packaging include honeycomb cardboard, pulp molding, books and periodicals, corrugated boxes, etc. (see Figure 5-). In addition, in response to the special needs of customers, the company also offers services such as pre-printing and color printing. Pre-printing is the pre-printing of specific product icons, brand patterns, explanatory text, etc. on the roll of corrugated paper. The company has 5 pre-printing centers nationwide and more than 20 subsidiaries nationwide All are equipped with pre-printing equipment and supporting technology, which can fully meet the needs of customers for pre-printed products. Competitive advantage

(1) Scale advantage
After years of intensive cultivation, Hexing Packaging has developed into a large-scale enterprise with 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries, nearly 30 production bases, and the largest number of corrugated box market segments in the country. The company’s scale advantage has created a favorable economic environment for the company’s further development in terms of raw material procurement and product production services.

In terms of procurement, the cost of raw materials accounts for a relatively large proportion of the production costs of paper packaging products. Therefore, fluctuations in the prices of raw materials in the upstream of the industry have a huge impact on the operating conditions and profitability of paper packaging companies. Relying on its scale advantages and industry reputation, Hexing Packaging has been able to form long-term and stable cooperative relations with upstream suppliers, purchase raw materials in large quantities at lower prices and avoid the adverse effects of price fluctuations, which is conducive to strengthening the management and control of raw material costs.

In terms of production services, Hexing Packaging has a nationwide production service layout, with production bases covering Southwest, Central, South, North, and East China regions (see Figure 5-). The national industrial layout helps the company to narrow the distance with customers, improve service efficiency, the response speed of the supply chain, and strengthen the control of channels.

In addition, the advantage of scale helps Hexing Packaging to produce synergies in R&D, production, sales, logistics and distribution, and lay a solid foundation for the company to continue to build barriers to competition.

(2) Supply chain cloud platform

Hexing Packaging launched the “United Packaging Network” network operation business module in 2017. This module is a supply chain cloud platform built by the company based on “Packaging Industry + Internet”. It aims to integrate the upstream and downstream of the industrial supply chain through the Internet. “,” “business”, “funds” all levels of interconnection, to provide customers with packaged, efficient and convenient product packaging services.
The supply chain cloud platform provides five major services: “Order Bao”, “Chuangketong”, “Chuangketong”, “Collective Procurement Link”, and “You Caitong”. The advantages of the platform are as follows:

①Gather high-quality customer resources for packaging companies in the industry, increase the opportunities for companies to obtain orders, and increase capacity utilization;

②With the help of the platform’s scale advantages, focus on purchasing raw materials for participating packaging companies to avoid the risk of raw material price fluctuations , Reduce procurement costs;

③ fully integrate supplier resources, packaging enterprise resources, and downstream customer resources to enhance information transparency and visibility.

At present, Hexing Packaging’s cloud platform has many cooperative merchants including Coca-Cola, China Construction Bank, Bull, and Jumei Youpin. As the strategic plan of Hexing Packaging’s “10 billion manufacturing, 100 billion service”, the supply chain cloud platform service will help the company promote the process of informatization and intelligentization of packaging services, integrate industry resources, and strengthen industry influence.

China Paper Packaging Industry Research 3

4 Market Trends of China’s Paper Packaging Industry

4.1.1 New Trends of Internet + Packaging

Under the background of China’s intelligent manufacturing, the paper packaging industry has also begun industrial upgrading and transformation development. New development models such as intelligent manufacturing and “Internet +” have begun to take off in the industry.

Automated production lines, digital workshops, and modern logistics have emerged in some enterprises above designated size and formed a certain scale, such as: Shengda Group and jointly created The cloud printing service platform is also planning to build a smart factory in the paper packaging industry; as the first Chinese carton enterprise to pass the inspection and acceptance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Zhejiang Wenzhou Dongjing Technology is building a small and medium-sized enterprise that reduces costs, improves efficiency, and doubles value. Intelligent packaging service platform; Xiamen Hexing Packaging, a leading company in the industry, established the United Packaging Network, which is engaged in the “Internet + Packaging” experiment, and its business is developing well; in addition, many companies such as Meiyingsen, Yutong, Jinjia, etc. All have been injected with Internet genes and entered into markets such as smart manufacturing or cloud printing. The Internetization of the paper packaging and printing industry will bring about tremendous changes, and industry integration will usher in new forces.

black color lift off lid rigid paper box

The lift off lid paper box is black color with the satin finish, which is made of the corrugated board.

With the addition of Internet technology, China paper packaging boxes have been given more functional attributes, and the demand for packaging paper boxes has gradually become diversified and individualized. Under the new trend of “Internet + packaging”, informatization, big data, and intelligent production will greatly improve operational efficiency and reduce costs, while enabling enterprises to provide customers with fast, convenient, inexpensive and high-quality integrated services.

4.1.2 The trend of green environmental protection

E-commerce packaging is one of the important factors driving the development of the paper packaging industry, but due to its excessive growth rate, the waste of resources and environmental pollution problems have also followed. Therefore, under the international trend of low-carbon circular economy, China has also proposed specific targets for low-carbon and emission reduction. On September 14, 2010, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and the General Administration of Press and Publication formally signed the “Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Implementation of Green Printing“. The agreement aims to strengthen support for packaging and printing companies to implement color packaging printing policies, and eliminate outdated printing technology, technology, and improve Capacity.

In 2018, the State Council of China issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Express Industry” and the “Opinions on Promoting the Coordinated Development of E-commerce and Express Logistics”, clearly requiring the promotion of green packaging and packaging reduction. Green packaging is a high-tech form of packaging. From raw materials to packaging design and manufacturing, to product use and recycling, every link requires resource saving, high efficiency, and harmlessness. Ecological packaging materials have received widespread attention from the world. Their research should be considered from the entire process of development, packaging design, production, use, and disposal. With the continuous popularization and deepening of environmental protection awareness of Chinese companies, traditional printing and packaging materials have been unable to meet market requirements.

Active research and development of environmentally friendly packaging materials is becoming the development trend of the paper printing and packaging industry. In order to better adapt to the market’s demand for environmentally friendly products, China’s technically capable paper printing and packaging companies have begun to conduct research and development on new environmentally friendly materials. The overall paper product packaging industry is moving towards reduction, reuse, recyclable, and degradable products.

4.1.3 Intelligent packaging machinery and equipment and intelligent workflow

With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, microelectronics, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials are constantly being integrated into the paper packaging industry. Packaging equipment with high production efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, strong flexibility, and high technical content is the current industry has been pursuing. Creating a new type of intelligent packaging machinery and applying it to production on a large scale is the general direction of the future development of the paper packaging industry. At present, although Chinese paper box companies are still in the exploratory stage to enter the field of smart packaging, they have already achieved initial results in some companies. For example, the printed paper box intelligent production line project of Sichuan Ruisen Paper Co., Ltd. will be officially put into production. The workshop of this project uses a BHS fully intelligent corrugated cardboard box production line imported from Germany and 7 Italian fully intelligent linkage lines. Automated production of corrugated cardboard and packaging boxes.

In addition, the leading companies in the industry are also moving closer to digitalization and intelligence in terms of workflow. The digitization and intelligence of the work process of the paper packaging industry are established on the basis of digital information processing and transmission, including image processing technology, digital printing technology, etc., to manage and control related processes. In the information age, the digitization and intelligence of work processes are the management goals of the paper packaging industry. The realization of this goal avoids many complicated procedures in traditional paper packaging, can greatly improve the operating efficiency of paper packaging enterprises, reduce production costs, and fully meet the market’s personalized, timely, and traceable paper printed packaging products. And many other needs.