Corrugated Fruit Cartons

The heavy duty corrugated printed boxes are widely used as the shipping cartons, like B flute, C flute, BE flute, EE flute, BC flute corrugated cartons. An important usage of the corrugated cartons is for the fruit packaging and shipping.

In this post, we will introduce a corrugated fruit carton for apples. It is a diecut corrugated carton made of the BE flute corrugated board.

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The corrugated fruit carton is full color offset printed and has the matte laminating finish.

Since it is a heavy duty apple shipping carton. The boxes will be stacked high in the container of the truck. Therefore, the structure design is the key. The cartons need to be strong and durable, then the apples inside won’t be crushed. This is called the stacking strength.

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