How To Make A Thick Folding Carton Box

The most common folding carton boxes are made of 300-350gsm SBS paperboard. This is 17-21pt or 0.4-0.5mm in thickness. The reason is that most printing press can only handle papers of thickness no more than 0.45mm. And this is where the problem arise. 350gsm SBS paperboard is only appropriate for some small printed paper boxes.


In spite of the fact that some speical printing press can handle the 400gsm or 0.55mm thick paperboad, that is only a medium sized paper printed box or folding carton.

So what if we want to make a thick folding carton box with paperboard thicker than 0.55mm? And how to make a thick folding printed paper box?

F flute corrugated board is an option, which is 1mm in thickness. It has very fine printing quality, but still much worse than the SBS paperboard. Then what can we do?

In this article, we will introduce a new kind of printing technique to have a thicker paperboard box or folding carton.

Spot UV Printing Inside the Cosmetic Box

It is quite simple. We laminate papers together. And we can laminate different speical papers together. For example, if we laminate 250gsm SBS paperboard together with 250gsm SBS paperboad, then we get a 500gsm paperboard. We do the printing first, then do the laminating. Thus we can even have a pretty folding carton or paper box printed inside and outside.

Meantime, we can also laminate different artboards together. Recently, we laminated the pearlescent paperboard outside with the black specialty paper to produce a very fabulous folding carton box. It is a nice cosmetic paper box.

Firstly, we print the pearlescent paperboard with the CMYK color. Then we do the port UV and gold foil stamping. Next, we do the spot UV on the black specialty paper inside. Lastly, we laminate both paperboards together and do the die-cutting.