The Modern Cosmetic Packaging Printing Methods In 2021

The modern cosmetic packaging usually combines different printing methods to achieve the best marketing effect. The offset printing, gravure printing, embossing and silk screen printing are usually used.

silver foil and embossing on the custom cosmetic packaging

For example, we use the offset printing to have an accurate reproduction of the complex images. And we use the rotogravure printing to finish the pantone color printing of the large areas. After that, we use the silk screen printing, embossing or debossing for the surface finish. The digital printing is used for the counterfeiting purpose.

In order to achieve the best visual effect, the printing and packaging company develops UV printing, foil stamping, matte laminating, varnishing, embossing and debossing are widely used.

Gold and Silver Foil Stamping

The metallic effect is transferred to the cosmetic paper box when the foil paper is pressed under the heat and pressure. The foil stamping has a luxury metallic visual effect, which can cover the printing inks quite well.  It is quite cost effective.

The image or pattern of the gold foil stamping is clear, pretty and has the vivid colors. It is widely used for the brand name and logo.

foil stamping for the cosmetic packaging cosmetic paper box

Silk Screen Printing

The silk screen printing is a special kind of stencil printing. The inks come through the tiny small holes on the plate under pressure, then the image is accurately reproduced on the cosmetic packaging box.  This printing method leaves a thick ink layer on the printed paper box surface. It gives a very quality feel.

silk screen printing

The application is not limited by the paperboard size and shape. The plate making is very cheap and convenient.  The image has a strong 3D visual effect due to the thick ink layer on the custom paper box.

The frosting effect, ice crystal effect and wrinkle effect can greatly increase the consumer’s buying desire.

Offset Printing

The offset printing is the most common method used for the cosmetic paper boxes and gift boxes. The color is vivid and rich.  It is very easy to tell the difference between the offset printing and the silk screen. The ink layer of the offset printing is very thin, while the silk screen printing has a quite thick image pattern.

Embossing and Relief Effect

Embossing and Relief Effect

With a positive die and a negative die, a 3D relief effect is created on the surface of the paperboard. The embossing finish gives the cosmetic packaging a strong quality feel. The strong 3D effect of the image leaves an unforgettable impression in the consumer’s mind. Therefore, it is widely used by all kinds of perfume packaging and beauty product packaging.

However, the metal plate is quite expensive. And it is rarely used on the cheap corrugated printed boxes.

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