Commercial Packaging And Industrial Packaging

Packaging Classification

According to function, packaging can be divided into 2 major categories. One is the commercial packaging, and the other is the industrial packaging. In the daily life, most printed paper boxes are commercial packaging and most corrugated boxes are industrial packaging.

Industrial Packaging

Transportation and Storage is the primary purpose of the industrial packaging, which is widely used by the factories and shopping malls. Therefore, it is also called transportation packaging, or storage packaging.

Industrial Packaging
Corrugated Shipping Carton

Protection is the major focus of the packaging designer. In other words, the packaging must have good cushioning performance to keep the goods safe during the shipping process. It must be durable. Moreover, ease of transportation and storage is important too. For example, the corrugated shipping cartons must be strong enough to endure the Edge Crush Test and Mullen test, then it can protect the products effectively. At the same time, it should have the proper size, then the trucker can load them easily and safely. If the size is too large or too small, it may introduce extra costs for the shipment.

In addition, the industrial packaging needs to be recyclable. Then the factories can reuse it to save costs.

Commercial Packaging

The commercial packaging is designed to face the individual consumers directly. Its principal purpose is to attract the attention of the consumers and arouse their shopping impulse. Thus, the business sales can be promoted. It is usually custom made. We also called it bespoke packaging or custom packaging. For example, the cosmetic paper boxes, retail paper boxes or rigid paper boxes usually have the custom size, printing and finish. They have the full color printing and gorgeous finish to impress the consumers.

Therefore, the design must have an accurate customer positioning, and strive to meet the psychological needs of consumers.

commercial packaging
Retail Packaging

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