Molded Paper Pulp Insert

In this passage, we will introduce the molded paper pulp insert for the corrugated printed boxes and rigid paper boxes.

Eco-friendly and Recyclable

Recently one client asked us if we can supply the mushroom based insert as an alternative to the thermoformed plastic tray insert and EVA foam insert. The reason is that the paper pulp tray insert is more eco-friendly and completely recyclable. In this post, we will introduce a molded paper pulp tray insert as below, which is used for the electronic product — Router.

modled paper tray for corrugated box and rigid box
Molded Paper Tray Insert

Corrugated Box With Molded Paper Tray

The molded paper tray works together with the corrugated printed box for the packaging of the router product. It is a micro-flute corrugated box made of the E flute corrugated board. The E flute corrugated box has the roll tuck end box style without dust flaps. The molded paper tray is placed inside the corrugated box.

Molded Paper Tray Inside Corrugated Box
Molded Paper Tray Inside Corrugated Box

Black Foam Pad

On the back of the cover, there is a black foam pad. It provides extra cushion and protection to the electronic products inside. It is thin, 3mm thick.

foam insert inside the paper box
Foam Pad

Corrugated Box Printing

The E flute corrugated box has the offset printing outside. The background color is white with the black router printed on the top. Also, the router name is gold inks printed on the bottom right.

corrugated printed box for electronics packaging
Corrugated Box Printing

We can say that the corrugated box with the molded paper tray is a very cost-effective electronic packaging box.