Packaging Design Positioning

Design positioning is a psychological strategy to make the brand and product hold a favorable position in the consumer’s mind. Consequently, the consumer thinks of a particular brand first when he plans to buy something. It proves to be an effective marketing approach. It increases the brand awareness and sales of the company.

The package positioning tries to make the brand occupy a prime position in the customer’s heart. The image of the package in the people’s head is vivid, lively and strong.  It consists of 3 primary parts.

Brand Awareness

The trademark can make a consumer recognize the business brand easily. It is a symbol of the business culture and value. How to represent this intangible asset in the printed paper box is the prime task of a packaging designer.

There are three key points while dealing with the firm’s brand.

  1.  The customer can recognize a brand instantly in the grocery.
  2.  The representation of the brand can leave a deep impression on the shopper. And it is a favorable image in the mind of the buyer.
  3. The packaging carton or bottle need to embody the business philosophy. Then the buyer can feel it without knowing it.
custom paper box, slide rigid paper box with ribbon pull tab
Bespoke package design, a slide rigid paper box

Product Positioning

The product positioning is a marketing approach to introduce the product to a certain group of target clients. Good understanding of this information can help the packaging engineers create an effective structure and layout to drive more leads and sales.

The target user of the product determines the packing style. For example, a toy product for children should have a custom paper box of vivid images and crisp color. A cosmetic paper box for ladies should look and feel quality, elegant and noble. Therefore, an intelligent package creator always make a careful and thorough study of the primary buyers’ preference before the choice of the colors and materials.

Another aspect of the product positioning is the selling points. Why will the people buy the product? Is it the original place of production? Is it the new feature or function?

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