Paper Box With Tear Strip

The tear strip is the scored band on a printed paper box, or corrugated mailer box, or paper envelopes that provides an easy and defined way of opening.

The tear strip can improve significantly the customer experience when it is applied on the packaging seal or closure. In this post, we will introduce the tear strips on the paper envelopes and custom printed paper boxes.

Tear Strip on Envelopes

The paper envelopes are widely used for the daily document delivery. Just as the envelope below shows, it usually has an adhesive tape on the top and a tear-off strip at the bottom. The customer just need to tear pull the tear-off tape to open the envelope conveniently.

Tear Strip on Paper Boxes

For many paper folding cartons, custom paper boxes or corrugated mailer boxes, they have the trear strip structure to the easy openning.

The white paper box below is a E flute corrugated box, used as a mailer box. It has the tear strip on the front panel. When the customer pull the red strip, it can come off easily to open the packaging box.

In order to make the strip tear off easily, special and custom diecuts are made around the tearoff tape.

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