Suitcase Style Rigid Paper Box With Cardboard Insert

We will introduce a suitcase style rigid paper box with the cardboard insert in this post.

Suitcase Style

The cardboard gift box has the look of a suitcase with a black lether handle on the top. And it functions as a mooncake gift box. On the front, the brand text and logo has the gold foil finish.

Magnetic Closure

There are 2 round magnets on each side of the oval cutout for the lether handle. It is a typical magnetic closure rigid box.

Individule Mooncake Folding Carton Inside

The rigid paper box is used as a mooncake gift box with 6 individul mooncake folding cartons inside, as well as a rectangle shape paper box for the spoons and forks.

Gold Mettalic Cardboard Insert

The 7 individule printed paper boxes of the mooncakes and spoons are fixed inside the cutout of a metallic gold color cardboard insert.

Generally, this is a very cost-effective cardboard gift box, or bespoke gift box. Shanghai DE Printed Box is a leading China gift box and rigid paper box manufacturer. If you need such a custom paper box, please do not hesitate to give us an email at