Sliding Rigid Box With Corrugated Mailer Box For Packaging

Rigid paper boxes are always used for the packaging of luxury high value items. They are made of the fine papers with great lustres, textures and touches. Meantime, special printing and finish methods are applied to make the box stand out. In order to protect the rigid paper box from dirt, smudge or any other damage, a strong and rigid corrugated mailer box is usually used for the daily rough handling and delivery.

In this post, we will introduce a special sliding rigid paper box with a corrugated mailer box for packaging.

Corrugated Mailer Box

The corrugated corrugated mailer box is made of the E flute corrugated board. It has the roll end tuck top box structure. The only printing is the black brand logo and text on the top.

E flute corrugated mailer box
Corrugated Mailer Box With Blue Rigid Box Inside
E flute corrugated mailer box
Corrugated Mailer Box

Sliding Rigid Box

It is a blue sliding rigid paper box inside the corrugated mailer box. Instead of a lift off lid rigid box, a 400gsm paper sleeve are used to cover the base box or drawer box inside. This can reduce the final packaging cost by around 30-40%.

The brand logo and text has the gold foil printing finish, simple but very impressive. The inner drawer box is blue too. But inside the drawer box is a metallic gold paperboard insert, which is used to cover the items inside.

slide rigid paper box
Blue Color Sliding Rigid Paper Box
rigid paper box with sleeves
Sleeves Outside The Rigid Paper Box
gold metallic paperboard insert inside the sliding rigid box
Metallic Gold Paperboard Insert Inside

Generally, the custom paper box mainly has 3 colors, navy blue color, gold color and black color. The combination is very simple, but looks very high quality and nice.