The Process Of Packaging Design

There are six steps in the process of the packaging design. They are business analysis, market research, similar package study, new trend understanding, information collection and packaging solution plan.

Business Need Analysis

In the beginning of the packaging design, the designer should communicated effectively with the business. Thus, he can fully understand the company need. First, he needs to confirm what purpose the company wants the package to achieve. Then, he should know clearly what ideas, feelings, thoughts and culture the business wants the packaging box to convey to the customer. Last, the designer should put forward his professional advice and solution based on the customer need.

Market Research

The market research is a step to know the market. At this stage, the designer goes to the shopping malls to study the similar products package. He talks with the managers to learn about the sales and trends of the market. Meantime, he talks with the product buyers to know their real thoughts about the printing and finish of the paper printed boxes, cans, bottles, bundles and bags.

A full understanding of the market can help the package stand out in the store and win the competition.

Learn About Similar Package

The study of the similar packaging of the product can make the designer stand on the shoulders of the giants. The colors, styles and layouts of these packages can give the designer inspiration and creativity. It helps the designer to have flexible packaging solutions.

Know the New Trend

The new packaging style can vintage, modern or nostalgic. The popular color can be red, blue or champagne. The new material can be plastic, glass or paper. It is important to know the new trend of the packaging. At present, the green packaging becomes the trend. The kraft paper boxes and cartons become popular because it looks more natural. And it is recyclable. Moreover, the custom paper boxes and paper bags begin to replace the plastic packaging on some occasions, because they are more environment friendly.

Collect the Information

The information includes the possible texts and images that might be used on the package. The designer usually get these materials from the businesses. In the same time, he should study the related local laws of advertising and packaging. The library and web are the primary sources. Furthermore, the consumer psychology is an important factor, too. For example, Gestalt psychology has played an important role in the modern packaging design.

Whether the collected data is comprehensive, complete, accurate and reliable, is related to the success or failure of the entire design. The designer should be fully prepared before he proceeds to the next stage.

Packaging Solution

After the preparation is done, the designer begins to work on the packaging solution. It is a process of artistic creation. During the process, the designer has tens of thousands of creative ideas, among which he selects the most appropriate ones.

There are three key points that the designer should clarify for a good packaging solution:

Business brand

It embodies the company value and culture. The paper printed package should imply these elements and affect the potential customers unconsciously. In addition, the designer should consider the factors of nation, region, country and culture.

Packaging Style

The designer should clarify the packaging style based on the product’s function, grade, category, characteristics and place of origin, as well as the packaging materials. Then according to the design style, he decides on the colors, layout, printing and finish. Also, he should highlight the special features of the product. For example, when a new version of iPhone is released, the new function and features are usually highlighted on the rigid paper box by the finish of spot UV or foil stamping.

Sales Target

For the artwork design, the sales target should be clear. The designer should be know exactly who will buy the products. He is supposed to know their preferences and economic conditions. Thus, the package can finally promote the sales of the products.

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