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  • Kraft Paper and Board

    At Shanghai DE Printed Box, the kraft paper or paperboard is widely used to make various corrugated printed boxes, printed paper boxes, trays and paper bags.

    Kraft, in German, means strength. Kraft paper is durable because of the good strength. It is made of the chemical pulm from the kraft pulp process. Therefore, the kraft paper is designed for the packaging products which need high strength and durability.

    The unbleached kraft paper is brown. The kraft pulp is fully bleached to make the white kraft paper when whiteness, strength and resistance to yellow is important. The kraft paper is quite environment friendly, because it is 100% recyclable. And can be saft to be used for the food packaging, paper bag.

    Kraft Paper Bag

    Kraft paper is very ideal for the making of the kraft paper bags. The kraft paper bag can be exquisitely printed and are natural by design. It is a good replacement of the plastic packaging and makes a statement about environmental awareness with style. By selecting kraft paper for your custom printed bags, your customers will know about your brand's commitment to the environment and renewable resources. Make a statement with your selection of material as much as with your design.

    Kraft Paper Box

    In DE Printed Box, we provide the kraft packaging design solutions. We use the kraft board to make the custom kraft paper boxes, kraft trays and beer bottle carriers.

    kraft box for soap packaging
    Kraft Paper Box for Soap
    kraft packaging design
    Kraft Paper Box for CD Packaging

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