A Bespoke E Flute Corrugated Box

Shanghai DE Printed Box is a leading provider of customized corrugated packaging solutions, catering to diverse sectors including retail, electronics, cosmetics, and food industries.

Notably, we recently designed and manufactured a tailored E flute corrugated box for a client operating within the home appliance industry. This bespoke packaging solution was specifically crafted to accommodate a nutrition blender, resulting in a finely printed paper box designed to meet our client’s unique requirements.

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The nutrition blender packaging features a tuck top and a snap bottom design, which significantly simplifies the assembly process. The snap bottom employs a three-step closing mechanism, enabling production workers to swiftly assemble the box in a matter of seconds.

The corrugated box boasts precise PMS color printing for the striking black hue, specifically using PMS Cool Black. This choice imparts a sense of opulence to the product, contributing to an overall premium presentation. The box is printed using full-color offset printing to enhance its appeal in the electronics packaging segment.

In addition to the vivid color printing, the box’s distinctive character is accentuated by two essential finishing techniques. Firstly, a spot UV finish is applied to the vibrant blender image in the center of the artwork. Furthermore, foil stamping is employed for the brand name “Brooklyn” in the top left corner, which is executed in silver, while the industry certification logo, a flame, in the bottom left corner is accented with gold silver foil stamping. This skillful combination imbues the packaging with an aura of luxury, ensuring it is both visually captivating and memorable.

To fully leverage the advantages of hot stamping and UV printing, the choice of E flute or F flute corrugated boxes for the blender’s packaging is ideal. The E flute offers superior printing quality while maintaining the structural integrity of the packaging.

As a leading China corrugated box supplier, if you need a custom corrugated box for your product packaging, please feel free to contact us by emailing at kris@deprintedbox.com.