Corrugated Box With Foam Inserts For Graphics Card

The diagram shows how the different parts of the corrugated box are organized inside the carton.

In this article, we will introduce a nice graphics card packaging box with complex parts working together.

It is a corrugated box with the foam insert, foam pad and corrugated folder.

As you can see from the diagram, the yellow color number 5 denotes the corrugated printed box, which is used to put the different items of the graphics cards inside. It is a tuck top snap locked bottom paper box. The carton box is full color printed, with the spot UV finish for the graphics card image. The box is a E flute corrugated box with very fine details.

Inside the corrugated box is the corrugated tray , which is denoted by the number 4. The tray can slide into the printed paper box 5. The cardboard tray is made of the E flute corrugated board. It has the fine box structure, then it can assembled without the help of glue or tape.

There are 3 items which will go into the black color corrugated tray 4. They are the corrugated folder 1, foam insert with cutout 2 and the foam pad for cushion 3. These 3 items fits perfectly inside the corrugated box. Let’s give more details of each item inside the tray of the paper box.

For foam pad on the top of the tray, it has 2 separate foam layers which are glued together. They are used to protect the graphics card inside by providing cushion to the electronic products. It is black color.

Below the foam pad 3 is the main part of the package, the big foam insert with cutout. It is made of multilayer foam too. It has the custom cutout to fit the graphics cards inside.

At the deep bottom is the corrugated folder which is used to put the manuals of the graphic cards inside. We have to say, this corrugated package ha a genius design, very beautiful, very creative, just like a rigid paper box, or gift paper box. And it works well to protect the different items inside.