Some Bespoke Paper Boxes For Packaging

A bespoke paper box is a premium quality packaing with the custom size, color, paper material and style. Shanghai DE Printed Box supplies all kinds of custom paper boxes as per the request of the client. In this post, we will introduce 3 bespoke paper boxes.

Corrugated Box For Knife Packaging

This is a corrugated box for the knife kits packaging. The custom paper box has a rectangle shape. It has the box style of a typical corrugated mailer box, which is also a E flute corrugated box. The amazing part of the box is that it has the opening in the short end. Inside the carton box is a paperboard inserts to hold the different items of the knife kits.

The bespoke corrugated box has the Malachite green printing outside with the brand logo light yellow color printed. In spite of a common style, the fine craft, printing and texture makes the retail packaging looks very inspring.

corrugated box for knife packaging
Corrugated Printed Box For Knife

Paper Tube For Soap Packaging

The bespoke paper box below is a custom paper tube for the soap packaging. It is a lift off lid paper box with the round short lid on the top and round tall body at the bottom.

The printed paper box has the light pink color on the surface, which is a color of love, tenderness and kindness. It is made of a very premium specialty paper, which has a special touch and texture.

Bespoke Rigid Box For Soap Packaging
Bespoke Paper Tube For Soap Packaging

Bespoke Rigid Box For Health Care Products Packaging

This custom paper box is a simple folding rigid paper box with the holographic foil for the logo on the top lid. The logo is a big capital letter K with the holographic effect. The base tray, or bottom tray of the box is actually a folding paper box made of the SBS C1S paperboard, which is only 0.4mm in thickness. This cosmetic paper box is quite simple but very impressive.

Lift-off Lid Rigid Box With Holographic Foil
Lift-off Lid Rigid Box With Holographic Foil