Top 12 Packaging Design Websites That Make You Inspired In 2022

Top 12 Packaging Design Websites

The Internet is very exciting, full of resources and tutorials on packaging design, attracting people who are interested. However, sometimes, too many choices can make people feel confused. Therefore, we have carefully selected the world’s top 12 packaging design resource websites in 2022 to help you get inspiration and creativity.

01. The Dieline

the dieline - packaging design website

The Dieline presents you the world’s best packaging design works.

If you are looking for packaging design information and seeking inspiration is your goal, Dieline is an excellent starting point. Founded in 2007, this website is dedicated to redefining and promoting the world’s best packaging design works. The Dieline website has an incredibly simple navigation design and a detailed packaging catalog. It is an inspirational design library, and its works come from different companies.

02. Packaging of the World

packaging of the world - packaging design website

World Packaging chooses creative designs from hundreds of thousands of packaging design works to inspire your inspiration.

World Packaging can be called a gallery of creative design, displaying the most creative and attractive works in the world. The website has a very good organizational structure. You can search for design solutions based on category, country, student work, popular, etc., which caters to everyone who is interested in packaging design. This is a very good, very eye-catching packaging design resource website.

03. Lovely Package

lovely packaging - packaging design website

Cute packaging brings together the world’s best packaging design works.

If you can’t resist the charm of cute packaging like me, then you must read this cool blog site carefully. From wine and beer bottles to toothpaste and kitchen utensils, cute packaging shows some of the top design works in the packaging field. Whether you are a professional packaging designer or a student studying packaging design at school, you can browse their works here. With more than 300 packaging design pages, you can definitely find your own inspiration here.

04. Package Design Magzine

packaging design magazine - packaging design website

Are you still concerned about not finding relevant information about packaging design?

With nearly 10 years of operation, Packaging Design Magazine is an excellent place to check packaging design information. This website collects excellent packaging design works from all over the world, pays close attention to and reports on industry trends, news and development trends, rookies in design, and so on. Here is everything about packaging design, it can be said to have everything.

05. Pinterest

behance - packaging design website

There are thousands of pictures to browse, and you can definitely find your own packaging design inspiration on Pinterest.

Hundreds of thousands of creative images are archived, and we have to list Pinterest among them. As long as you gently enter “package design” in the search box, you will be silently waiting for countless excellent works to appear before your eyes. As a popular theme on social networking sites, when you scroll down the webpage, you will find that it is like an endless page, full of endless packaging design works and solutions.

06.  Packaging design archive

packaging design archive - packaging design website

Every packaging design project you might think of is archived in the packaging design archive.

If you are looking for packaging design inspiration, then go straight to the packaging design archives! The packaging classification here is extremely broad, covering every design scheme you may think of, and the resources are very rich. Each packaging design plan will be assigned to a reasonable category, and there is a very convenient search toolbar next to the category. You can find the design plan information you need by entering fonts, graphics, etc.

07. Packaging Design Served

packaging design served - packaging design website

Check out the incredible and surprising packaging design works on Packaging Design Served. It is a branch of Behance, it is quite distinctive in label design and advertising, and its works are of top level. From shoes, pharmaceutical packaging to alcohol, electronic product packaging, no matter what the product, you can find pages of works created by artists of different levels here.

08. Design Home

design home - packaging design website

Enter the design house, under the packaging design category, you can find a large number of excellent works at home and abroad. It provides packaging design inspirations and insights to the China paper box suppliers.

Design House is a professional design and material sharing portal in China. The content covers graphic design, industrial design, web design, CG, design tutorials, environmental art design, art, materials, etc. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been committed to spreading advanced design concepts and promoting the development of original design. It has a large number of original and first-hand foreign excellent design resources, and has received extensive attention from designers.

09. Ambalaj

Ambalaj- packaging design website

Take a closer look at designer Kristina de Verdier’s blog, and believe that her packaging design work cases will definitely spark your creative inspiration.

Ambalaj is actually a personal website of packaging designer Kristina de Verdier. However, if you want to inquire about some inspiring works, then her blog must not be missed. Here Verdier carefully selected the latest excellent works from all over the world, and vividly described these works on the website as “new materials, sustainable information, packaging structure, graphic design and beautiful brand story”.

10. Behance

Behance - packaging design website

Behance is a member of the prestigious Adobe family, which brings together the world’s best packaging design works, as stated in the official website information description, “Showcase and discover the latest work from top online portfolios by creative professionals across industries”.

11. 3visual

3 visuals - packaging design website

As the name says, 3 visual packaging design works have a strong visual impact and are an excellent place to get creative inspiration.

Founded in 2005, Sanvision is a public welfare design media that aims to spread design ideas, stimulate design inspiration, and improve the aesthetic awareness of the public. It has been well received by netizens for many years.

12. The Packaging Design Blog

The packaging design blog - packaging design website

This blog can help you find a large number of packaging design works, so that your inspiration can burst.

The website is worthy of the name. Many packaging design works from all over the world have been published on the blog. Here you can also find a complete list of industry experts, tutorials and articles. For those looking for packaging design inspiration and creativity, here is a great resource library.

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