N Flute Corrugated Folder Box

In this article, we will introduce a cardboard folder box, which is made of the N flute corrugated board. The custom paper box is used to package some magnetic cards inside.

N flute corrugated box micro flute cardboard box

Sizes and Structure

The folder size is medium. It is 20cm in length, 16cm in width and 5cm in depth. And it is the outer size of the printed paper box.

This is a typical folding paper box with an intelligent box structure. On the sides, it has thick walls for protection and cushioning. The top cover can flip open. It has a tongue which acts as a lock for the closure of the paper box.

The advantage of the walls can also provide extra stacking ability. Then they won’t be crushed during the stacking and storage.

microflute corrugated box folding paper box

Materials and Paperboard

Because it is a small cardboard box, we adopt a paper material, which is very special. It is the micro-flute corrugated board. That is N flute. It is only 1mm in thickness. It is stronger than the normal 24pt SBS paperboard, because it is thicker. This leads to good rigidity and durability. Moreover, the flute height is extremely low. Thus, it has the more excellent printing quality than the E flute corrugated box, because the surface is more smoother. But it is rarely used as a corrugated mailer box which needs very high ridigty and strength.

Color and Printing

The printed paper box has the crisp full color printing. Most of color is navy blue with a brilliant logo. The dazzling visual effect is achieved by the gold foil stamping and embossing. On the bottom of the box is the white logo.

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