A Rigid Board Box With Magnetic Closure and Envelope Inside

Recently we got a rigid board box from a client from Karachi of Pakistan. The rigid paper box has the unique design for the packaging of Sheets.

rigid board box
PVC clear window on the front as well as a magnetic lip for flipping open the box.

More details

Quantity   Approx.   4000 Unit.
Rigid Grey Board thickness 3mm for this Box.
This is different style/Material and craft is different with the normal gift paper box.
Anti-scratch Finished instead of the matte finish.
The main color is Dark Blue so we suggest use anti-scratch film.
PVC Clear window ( Gauge 14mm) on the front of the paper box.
Rigid Board Box Size 11*7.5*10.5”, the front side is with PVC window. And all content is with printing.
Rigid board box With Magnetic Closure ( as per video )Quotation.
Price CNF Karachi, Pakistan By Sea
Price FOB.
Delivery Time
Sea time From China to Karachi, Pakistan