Key Points of Packaging Design


Most importantly, the package is supposed to convey product information clearly and accurately. Next, the package designer should strive to have a bespoke design for the products. A bespoke design is a custom design, reflecting the individual personality of the product and the company. It should be unique and novel. Thus, it can attract the consumers’ interest instantly, then arouse the purchase desire.

Therefore, a professional designer should fully study the character of the product and the business before the start of the package design.

Besides, a good package should have the accurate customer targeting. In other words, a designer should know exactly who will buy the products. The customer can tell if the goods meet his need immediately.

Below are the factors for the customer targeting.

  • Region and country
  • Customer age and gender
  • National custom and taboos


The words and images on the package should be concise. To put it another way, simple but effective words, and eye-catching images and graphics can make a person understand a product at a glance.


A new, original and unusual design can always appeal to a new customer instantly. It is a man’s nature to prefer the new package to the old. For instance, a traditional food of a novel package can increase its sales greatly. A simple kraft paper box for food may look more attractive when it replaces a full color printed box.

kraft paper box for food packaging


Sincerity is the inner quality of a professional package. It is about the trust of the company and the product. The design on the bottles, boxes and trays should give people a solid and credible feeling. It is a feeling of quality, reliability, honesty and truthfulness. It gives the customers confidence to buy the products.

A good designer will never ever use false graphics or text to mislead consumers. This will eventually ruin the image of the company and affect the sales of the product. When a company loses the trust of consumers, its life is over.

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