Sustainable Package and Green Printing

It is DE Printed Box’s mission to develop and manufacture the sustainable package with the green printing technology for our paper printed boxes, corrugated printed boxes and paper bags.

File Format For Printing

With regard to the file formats for the printing of the paper printed box, the AI format is strongly recommended. If you don’t have an AI format, PDF format would work too. Below are some introductions to the common image formats for printing. 1. Native file format — acceptable print format for printers When preparing

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Understand LPI and DPI for Better Packaging Printing

Image resolution for printing – LPI and DPI When we prepare the artwork of the custom paper boxes for printing, we come across a lot of jargon, like pixels, ppi, dpi, spi, lpi. In this post, we will have a full explanation for these terms.  Reference: Part1: Raster Image, Pixels, Resolution, PPI, DPI, SPI What

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