Green Printing and Sustainable Paper Package

Green Paper Package Printing In DE Printed Box

It is Shanghai DE Printed Box’s mission to develop the sustainable package (paper printed boxes, bags, and corrugated printed boxes) with green printing. DE is dedicated to use the latest printing technology in its various flexo and litho offset printing processes to protect the enviroment.

Reduce the Emission of Volatile Oganic Compounds

Volatile Oganic Compounds are usually abbreviated as VOCs. They are widely used as solvents in nearly all package printing processes, e.g., printing inks, press and blanket cleaning, fountain solutions, ink drying. However, the evaporation of the VOCs solvents leads to the fire accident (low flashing point), air pollution and workers health problems.

In order to reduce the VOCs emission in the paper box printing processes, DE Printed Box carries out a series of measures, for instance, using the vegetable-based soy inks to substitue the petroleum-based inks, switching to the waterless offset printing.

Alternatives to Solvent-based Inks

The convential solvent-based inks contains significant VOCs content that are derived from the petroleum distillation process. In order to reduce the solvent emissions of the petroleum-based inks, a number of alternatives are used, e.g., soy- and vegetable-based inks, water-based inks and UV/EV curable inks.

Vegetable-based Printing Inks and Soy Inks

Among the vegetable inks, the soy inks is the most popular, because the soybean oil is more stale. It is the most promising to reduce the VOCs emissions. The soybean oil acts as the vehicles of the ink pigments.

DE Printed Box uses soy inks for its litho offset printed paper boxes, bags, corrugated boxes and litho-laminated cartons. There are a number of specific advantages to use the soy inks for the litho printed paper package. For example,

  • Soybean oil is safe, sustainable, renewable, recyclable and bio-degradable. And the soy inks on the paper box and litho laminated box are easier to be removed during the recycling process than the petroleum-based oil.
  • Soy-based inks is more cost-effective compared with other vegetable-based inks and conventional inks, because much less soy inks are used for the same print job thanks to their more intense color.
  • The soy oil has the excellent stability throughout the entire print job. They are less likely to build up on the printing plate and to skin over. Much fewer adjustments are required by the offset press operator due to the variation.
  • Higher printing quality. Soy oils tend to be clearer than petroleum oils, so the colors can be brighter, richer and more vivid.


Printing Inks

Benefits of soy-based inks

Reducing VOC solvent use in the Printing Industry


Shanghai DE Printed Box is a China medium-sized custom paper box manufacturer and packaging solution provider with facilities around 100,000 square meters in total. The company exclusively specializes in the supply and export of the custom paper boxes, including the paper printed boxcorrugated printed boxcosmetic paper boxrigid paper box, cardboard gift box and custom paper bag. If you have any questions about the custom paper box, or would like us to give you a price quote, please do not hesitate to contact us by giving us an email.













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