Pantone Silver Inks Printing and Silver Hot Foil

Pantone metallic silver inks printing and the silver hot foil are 2 different methods to achieve the metallic silver effect on the paper printed box.

Recently we happened to make a very special E flute corrugated printed box for our client, which has the pantone silver inks printing for the background color and silver hot foil stamping for the logo text.

Pantone Silver Inks Printing

There are 2 kinds of metallic inks available for the pantone silver printing, the pantone 877C and the pantone silver 107077C.  And there is an obvious contrast between these 2 inks.

PANTONE 877 C is the silver base used to blend the ‘conventional’ PANTONE Metallic colors, which have existed since the mid-to-late 1980’s.


PANTONE Silver 10077 C is the specialized, non-leafing silver base manufactured by Eckart and used to formulate the PANTONE Premium Metallic colors, which were introduced in May 2010 with the PANTONE PLUS SERIES upgrade.

‘Conventional’ metallic base colors contain metal flake, which leafs to the surface as the ink dries to produce the metallic effect.  The extent of this ‘leafing characteristic’ can vary depending on the length of time it takes for the ink to dry.  This can lead to inconsistencies in the appearance of the colors from run to run.

Within the PANTONE Silver 10077 ink, the metallic particles are evenly dispersed within the vehicle of the ink, thereby removing this ‘leafing characteristic’ and leading to more consistently repeatable results.

Besides the metallic silver inks printing, another popuplar metallic inks printing is the metallic gold color printing, PMS 872.  They are widely used for the high-end corrugated printed boxes, paper printed boxes and rigid paper boxes.

gold inks printing silver inks printing
Pantone number for the metallic gold color and silver color

Silver Hot Foil

Silver hot foil as well as gold hot foil is one of the most popular color for the hot foil finish, which is a speical kind of finish where paper foil is used to create striking designs and graphics on the outer surface of the packaging box. It gives the paper printed box a shiny and incredible look, adding a very luxury feel. The silver hot foil is widely used on the cosmetic paper boxes and rigid boxes.




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